Priya & Peanut 60 Black & White High Contrast Baby Development Flash Cards – 0-6 Months Old – Baby Sensory for Brain and Eye Development & Learning – Perfect Baby Toys & New Baby Gifts

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  • 60 high contrast, black & white BABY DEVELOPMENT & SENSORY FLASH CARDS with Animals, Fruit, Plants & Pattern pictures printed on 30 premium A6 card
  • Designed to educate using BABY SENSORY techniques to stimulate and develop your Baby’s brain and eye development to track and focus on objects using high contrast black & white objects.
  • Recent research & studies show that 0-6 month old baby’s focus best on high contrast colours and patterns to mature and develop their photoreceptors and cognitive development.
  • Perfect BABY TOYS and NEW BABY GIFTS for newborn baby’s to focus on and entertain as at such a young age many struggle to connect with cuddly toys which require holding until older
  • All designed by Priya & Peanut and printed in the UK on PREMIUM A6 350GSM CARD for durability and hand-finished to have baby friendly rounded corners

Product description

Product description

Watch your Baby’s eyes light up as they track and stare at the high contract black & white animals, shapes and patterns on our 0-6 month Baby Development & Sensory flash card collection.

We have created these baby flash cards with 60 sensory pictures on 30 premium A6 cards to capture your Baby’s full attention and to help develop their brain and concentration but to also mature their photoreceptors until their able to truly focus on bright colours at 6+ months old.

Over the years research & studies into newborn baby’s vision has shown it is typically blurry and their field of vision is small, reaching a maximum of 12 inches at a young age. Research shows that high contrast colours, mainly black & white at 0-6 months old registers the strongest with your Baby’s retina which not only stimulates their brain to help their growth but cognitive development and maturity of their photoreceptors also.

Many customers have found that their newborn baby’s can’t and don’t play with cuddly toys at such a young age, which makes our sensory flash cards the perfect baby toy for 0-6 month old baby’s as they can track and stare intently at the high contrast flash cards which they love.

We have found from customer feedback that many would say our 0-6 month sensory flash cards are essential for a newborn to help develop their brain and eyes, which makes our flash cards perfect new baby gifts and baby shower gifts for new mums and mums to be.

In each pack, you receive the following flash card designs:20 x Animals 20 x Patterns 10 x Fruit & Veg 6 x Plants & Flowers 4 x Weathers

How to use your Flash Cards:
1 –Pick any Animal, Shape or Pattern
2 –Hold around 8-12 inches away from your Baby’s face
3 –Keep switching cards & continue for 3-5 minutes
4 –Repeat daily and watch your Baby’s attention span develop


Place flash card 8-12 inches away from your baby’s face and watch their eyes light up, change picture every 5-10 seconds and use for 3 to 5 minutes daily.

Dimensions: 15 x 10.7 x 1.5 cm; 190 Grams
Material: Paper
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Composition: 350gsm FSC® Card
Material: Paper