ANSIO Craft Cutting Mat Self Healing A1 Double Sided 5 Layers – Quilting, Sewing, Scrapbooking, Fabric & Papercraft – Imperial/Metric 34 Inch x 22.5 Inch / 89cm x 59cm – Green/Green

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  • Professional quality, Heavy Duty Multi Layer Self Healing Cutting Mat. Mat Size: 34″ x 22.5″ (89cm x 59cm)
  • Double Sided Markings. Imperial (Inches) on one side and Metric (cm/mm) on other side
  • Clear grid lines to aid accurate cutting. Multiple cross-lines, angles (0 to 180 degree), 1 mm to 100 mm circles. Paper sizes A6, B6, A5, B5, A4, B4, A3, B3, A2 etc.,
  • Special Non-slip, non reflective surface perfect for Quilting, crafting, cutting paper, card and other materials. Note: This mat cannot be used for cutting paper or other materials with knives. It can only be used with a rotary cutter
  • Eco Friendly, Tough PVC material. Environmental Friendly. Fully Recyclable. Shipped flat packed

Product Description

ANSIO A1 Double Sided Self Healing Cutting Mat- Green / Green

The ANSIO brand provides products to transform the home environment for ultimate comfort in everyday living. Bringing elements of design, performance and value of quality products, families can depend on the ANSIO brand to offer both style and quality.

ANSIO’s Double sided cutting mats are indispensable for your quilting, sewing or other craft activities. The mat has Imperial markings on one side and Metric markings on the other side.The double sided mat is Self- Healing and therefore has a Longer shelf life. The A1 mat is of size 34 inch x 22.5 inch (89 cm x 59 cm) and comes in an attractive Green colour on one side and Green colour on the other side. T-o top this up, the mat is fully recyclable.

Imperial Marking- Green

The Clear grid lines in yellow with markings for 5 inches, 1 inch, ½ an inch and 1/8 th of an inch aid in easy and accurate measurements. Guidelines for Angles, Diagonals and Squares are also available on this side of the mat. Circle guidelines are an added advantage for A1 size mats.

Metric Marking- Green

The Clear grid lines in yellow with markings for 5 cm and 1 cm aid in easy and accurate measurements. The mat also has guidelines for circles of various diameters up to 130 mm and protractor guidelines for accurate angle marking. Paper size guidelines until size B2 are also available on the metric marking side of the mat.

Key Features

  • Self-Healing
  • Double sided usage
  • Imperial markings
  • Metric markings
  • Recyclable
  • Non-slip
  • Made from PVC material

Self Healing Layers

The Self -Healing Layers allow cuts on the mat to heal without visible traces and does not cause your blade to dull. The mat can be reused and has a longer shelf life.

For precise and safe cutting

Ansio double sided cutting mat and the rotary cutter equipped with a 45 mm Retractable blade with swivel safeguard ensures safety and precise.

Weight: 2.28 kg
Dimensions: 90 x 0.1 x 60 cm; 2.28 Kilograms
Brand: ANSIO
Model: ANSIO 4006
Colour: Green
Colour: Green