Swell UK Pond Liner with Free Pond Underlay and 40 year guarantee – 5 x 6m

SALE PRICE: £73.99

  • Deluxe Pond Liner, black and size 5 x 6m (16’5″ x 19’8″) – available in a range of sizes
  • Protected from damage by the sun with a UV resistant coating
  • Durable and made of tough 0.35mm thick polyethylene HDPE
  • Pack includes a fish pond liner & free 40 year guarantee for peace of mind
  • Easy to fit and includes clear instructions on the pack

Product Description

Swell UK Deluxe Pond Liner with 40 year UV protection & free underlay – build your pond to last

When you construct your pond using a Swell Deluxe Pond Liner you can be sure that you're creating a special place in your garden that will bring a lifetime of pleasure and delight. A pond is something for everyone to enjoy. Imagine having your own pond and all the fun it will bring! This liner includes a free 40 year protection against the sun's UV rays and underlay.

Quality comes as standard

We make our pond liners to be both strong and flexible. And they last. They are formed from thick High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and are treated with a UV coating to protect them from degradation caused by the sun's rays. Swell even offers a free 40 year protection against UV damage for this particular product, so you can be sure that your pond will continue to form a beautiful feature of your garden and will still look good for years to come.

This pond liner also has great tensile strength and will mould into the pond shape of your choice, creating a wonderful feature in your garden.

Bring your garden to life and life into your garden

A pond is a delight in any garden. Keeping and breeding fish in your pond can bring great joy and this Swell product is an ideal fish pond liner. Your pond could also attract birds, frogs and insects that will enhance your garden and bring both visual interest and eco diversity too. Or you may choose to encourage aquatic plants and enjoy all the benefits of colour and form that they bring.

So easy to install

You can install your pond liner with underlay or perhaps lay it directly on a sand created base. Whichever method you choose, your Swell pond liner will make the job easier. The flexible liner will adapt to your chosen pond shape and form the pond of your dreams. And all our liners come with clear instructions and advice on installation.

So why not install and enjoy a pond of your own – Swell UK pond liners will help you achieve your goal and then you can begin to enjoy years of pleasure from your very own pond.

Installation – Step 1 – Marking out your pond

When creating a pond, the first stage is to establish the shape you require. Either mark the shape out with string, hose pipe or a spray marker and don't forget to make sure you choose a flat site away from overhanging trees. Then dig out the pond to the shape and depth required removing all sharp stones and obstructions as you dig. Check again with a spirit level that the excavation is level from side to side.

Step 2 – Calculating the correct liner size

Pond Liner Size Calculator:

Liner Length = Pond Length (m) + Double Max Pond Depth (m) + 1m

Liner Width = Pond Width (m) + Double Max Pond Depth (m) + 1m

The extra length/width will be needed in order to anchor the liner once it is installed with slabs and/or stones around the edges.

Step 3 – Installing the underlay

The next stage is to line the dug out pond with sand in order to achieve a smooth finish throughout the excavation. Now install the underlay, smoothing it out as you go along, making certain that there are no remaining sharp stones or protruding obstructions which might damage the underlay or the liner.

Step 4 – Install liner & enjoy

When you are happy that the underlay is sitting comfortably in the pond it's time to install the actual liner. Again, smoothing as you go along, fit the liner teasing out wrinkles and folds as you work. In order to achieve all of the above you will need to be in the pond itself ideally without shoes but with soft footwear if necessary. Now is a good moment to start adding water, slowly at first and smoothing all the time to ensure the best fit for the liner. At this point you will need to start anchoring the liner around the edges of the pond with stones or slabs. Make sure the liner does not become stretched as the water is added, easing it down as required so that it settles under the increasing weight of the water. Continue this process until your pond is full and now you're well on the way to enjoying you new pond!

Step 1 – Marking layout

Step 2 – Calculating correct liner size

Step 3 – Installing underlay

Step 4 – Installing liner

UV Ray ProtectionUnderlay includedAvailable in a range of sizesUV ResistantMaterial
0.35mm thick polyethylene HDPE0.35mm thick polyethylene HDPE0.35mm thick polyethylene HDPE
Dimensions: 40 x 33 x 31 cm; 7.58 Kilograms
Manufacture: Swell UK