Gardena City Gardening Balcony Watering System: Fully Automatic Flower Box Watering for up to 6 m Balcony Boxes, 13 Programmes (1407-20)

SALE PRICE: £128.30

  • Finely dosed: The 13 finely harmonised watering programmes control the needs-based water flow
  • Autonomous watering: Independent from the tap, allows watering from a rainwater tank
  • Reliable: Reliable watering even when you are away for several weeks
  • Connection options: The rain or soil moisture sensor allows weather-dependent, water-saving irrigation
  • Scope of delivery includes: 1 x Gardena city gardening balcony watering system; see description for details, made in Germany

Product description

Product Description

GARDENA Fully Automatic Flower Box Watering Automatic, practical, and needs-based

GARDENA’s Fully Automatic Flower Box Watering Set with its 13 individual watering programmes is both reliable and user-friendly, making it THE ideal help for watering flower boxes of up to 6 m, especially during your holidays. The comprehensive set for networked operation includes a pump for use with alternative water sources such as a rainwater tank and can be used immediately.

Reliable and user-friendly

The self-contained transformer with its rotary knob for selecting watering programmes can be used conveniently and reliably.

The Fully Automatic Flower Box Watering system contains:

1 x transformer with a rotary knob for selecting watering programmes,
1 x pump with a dirt filter
25 x Inline Drip Heads with capacities of about 2 l/h with end caps,
1 x 10 m Supply Pipe, 4.6 mm (3/16 Inch)
15 x Pipe Pegs

GARDENA For more than 30 years, garden owners have trusted Original GARDENA automatic watering systems.

First Available: 28 Sept. 2008
Weight: 998 Grams
Length: 21 centimetres
Height: 27.5 centimetres
Model No: 01407-20
Part No: G1407-20
Type: stainless steel
Material: stainless steel