AeroGarden Harvest Elite – Stainless Steel

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  • Includes Gourmet herb seed kit (6-Pod) – Genovese basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, thyme, Thai basil and mint & nurtured by all-natural, chemical-free miracle-grow plant food (enough for a full season of growth)
  • Plant to plate – up to 6 plants grow at a time, up to 12″ Tall with this indoor garden. Grows in water – No soil, no mess, made simple
  • Easy to use – digital display Control panel includes vacation mode to keep your hydroponics growing system thriving when you’re out of town and advanced garden settings for optimized growth
  • Led lights – high-performance, full spectrum 20-watt LED high efficiency grow lighting system in your herb garden is tuned to the specific needs of plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests
  • In-home garden system – grow fresh herbs & veggies all year round In this indoor herb garden. Always fresh, always local, always in Season

Product description

The Aero Garden harvest Elite is a simple, beautifully designed garden, versatile enough to fit almost anywhere, but Perfect For the best room in the house: your kitchen. It’s no secret home-grown veggies just taste better, and the harvest Elite will inspire you to discover the flavour of fresh no matter the Season. Perfect for beginners and experienced growers alike, the harvest Elite has room for six different plants. Grow an endless variety of herbs, vegetables, salad greens, or flowers to enhance your food, drinks, home and life. With just a little counter space, The included non-GMO seed POD kit, and your own creativity, you’ll be enjoying the delicious taste that only comes from home-grown herbs and veggies in no time. It’s the perfect complement to any kitchen. Just fill the garden with water, drop in the pre-seeded pods, and add a little bit of our all natural liquid plant food. The harvest Elite does the rest. Specially tuned, full-spectrum LEDs mimic the optimum effects of sunlight. Your plants will naturally grow faster and there’s no pesticides or herbicides needed, and no soil required. Built-in sensors automatically turn the lights on and off each day, and let you know when to feed and add water – so there’s no more guesswork. It’s truly that easy. We guarantee it. Note: Press the buttons very lightly, make sure the lights are in the lowest position possible when starting the garden. Make sure the water bowl is always full.

Dimensions: 26.67 x 15.19 x 27.69 cm; 2.84 Kilograms
Model: 901104-1201
Part: 901104-1201
Manufacture: AeroGrow

From the manufacturer

AeroGarden Harvest Elite – Stainless Steel

  • Grow up to 6 plants 5X faster than soil
  • 20W LED grow light for full spectrum, optimal lighting
  • Up to 12" of grow height for herbs, lettuces, tomatoes & more
  • Real stainless steel finish in 4 colors
  • Digital display and illuminated push button controls
  • Easy, automatic reminders for water & plant food

Product Description

Grow up to 6 different herbs, veggies or flower varieties all year long – no sun, no soil and no green thumb required. The AeroGarden Harvest Elite has a compact shape, sleek stainless-steel finish and a super easy control panel with digital display making it perfect for any kitchen. Have fresh flavors right at your fingertips no matter what the weather is like outside.

The Harvest Elite's grow light hood contains 20 watts of white, red and blue LED lights, giving your plants the full spectrum of sunlight they need to grow, and grow quickly! And the automatic timer makes sure the lights go on and off at exactly the right time. The garden adjusts for up to 12" of grow height and the digital display reminds you when to add water and our patented liquid plant food so keeping your plant babies happy and thriving is never a problem. Plus with vacation mode, your garden will stay healthy while you rack up some travel miles.


Ultra-thin Grow Light Hood

Plants grow bigger and generate bountiful harvests because of our full spectrum LED grow lights. Our lighting systems are developed for maximum energy efficiency and cost just pennies a day to operate.

Grows Naturally in Water, 5X Faster Than Soil

Save yourself the hassle and mess of growing indoors with soil. You'll use less water and your plants will grow faster, getting everything they need from the water and plant food in your AeroGarden.

Customize Your Growing Experience

Customize ‘light-on’ times with the LCD control panel to optimize growth for different plant varieties. Herbs, vegetables, lettuce and flowers can grow faster with a light cycle tailored to their needs. Illuminated heat-sensitive buttons dim when the Garden light is off.

Vacation Mode

The Vacation Mode setting on the Harvest Elite helps keep your plants healthy and thriving when you're out of town.