ABUS 533006 7030 W Additional Door Lock with Blocking Clip White


About this item

  • For entrance doors to secure the closed side
  • Lockable from outside using the key from the inside with rotary knob
  • Sturdy oval bars of solid steel, double-turn closing
  • Colour: white

Product description

Elegant additional door lock 7030 W B/SB – bringing more security to your house/apartment doorFor entrance doors or front doors to secure the closing side.  Possible use The additional door lock 7030 is suitable for inward opening rebated and flush doors, hinged DIN right or DIN left for fold thickness of 0-29 mm and door thickness of 38-90 mm. The backset can be 60 or 72 mm. The factory setting is the 72 mm setting and DIN right. In stable doors, the mounting position is either below or above the mortise. In less stable doors or with increased safety requirements, the installation of 2 units is recommended. There is then one sub-mounted and one mounted above the mortise. Please make sure that a comfortable operation is possible. Technology and Operation The pressure resistance of the additional door lock 7030 is more than 1 tonne. A two-turn closing stable oval bar of solid steel assures optimal locking. It is operated from outside by key, inside by knob. For total lock, close from the outside in two full turns, and from inside in one full turn. When using the locking clip, lock from the outside with one full turn and half turn from the inside. The door can be opened a crack from the inside. To open the door, lift the locking clip, close the door and close the bolt all the way back. Your additional door lock 7030 is maintenance free and should not be cleaned with any aggressive cleaning agents. Design The lock box and lock case are plastic. The delivery comes complete with an EC550-cylinder in nickel pearl (with a high quality, dull nickel-plated surface), including three reversible keys. Door security The front door is often next to windows and patio doors – a popular entry path for thieves and burglars. Almost all doors can be secured with intrusion-resistant elements, so you do not have to directly install a front door. The additional door lock 7030 is classified in Level 10 of the ABUS Global Protection Standard.  SpecificationsWidth lock box: 3.3 cmWidth: 10.2 cmColour: whiteHousing: PlasticHeight: 7.5 cm.Length lock clip: 13.4 cmDepth: 4.7 cm.

SKU: B0050G2ER6
Weight: 700 g
Dimensions: 102 x 4.7 x 7.5 cm; 700 Grams
Model: 533006
Part: 533006
Colour: white
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: ABUS
Colour: white
Quantity: 1