Detecto 7000 RS 1 pixel yellow

SALE PRICE: £86.92

  • Detecto 7000 RS1
  • Maximum Level 14
  • Electronic alarm brake disc lock with 3D position detection for alarm when position changes or vibration.
  • Bracket 50 x 100 mm, slit width 70 mm
  • includes batteries (2 x AAA), memory cable and bag

Product description

Product Description

Storage space on a motorcycle or scooter is scarce and, even so, everyone needs protection from theft and illicit use. What lock can a rider always carry in normal cases? Disc padlocks are a practical solution for many motorized two-wheelers. They are very compact, lightweight and, therefore, very easy to transport. For a prolonged parking lot with a high risk of theft, the combination with a chain is recommended so that the motorcycle can not be taken from the site.

First Available: 19 Feb. 2011
Weight: 649 g
Dimensions: 240 x 135 x 70 cm
Model No: AB48733
Part No: Detecto 7000 RS1 pixel yellow
Batteries Required: Item model number