Stump chimney Tree Stump Remover – Easy to Use Tree Stump Killer – Few Tools Needed – Alternative to Tree Stump Grinder Machines, Copper Nails for Tree Stumps, Kill Stump Chemical & Tree Stump Pulle


  • AN EASY TO USE TREE ROOT STUMP KILLER: With little preparation, a few tools and 1 hour of work, the stump is gone. The rest of the time, the Stump Chimney takes care of itself. For more specific information about the process, please read more under product description further down on this page.
  • TREE STUMP REMOVER TOOL IN 5 EASY STEPS: STEP 1 – dig a trench around the stump. STEP 2 – place the Stump Chimney over the stump, fill it with briquettes and light the fire. STEP 3 – let the fire burn for 1.5 hours and then fill up with more briquettes. STEP 4 – Remove the Stump Chimney when the stump is burnt up. STEP 5 – fill the hole of where the stump used to be with soil and sow grass.
  • QUICKER THAN CHEMICALS: When using root dissolver like potassium nitrate stump remover or copper nails to kill tree stump, then you still have to remove the stump manually after many months of waiting for the chemicals and copper nails to have effect. With the Stump Chimney the job is done in 1-2 days and left is only a hole in the ground which you have to fill with some soil and seeds. You avoid the hassle of having to dig up the dissolved stump.
  • TOOLS NEEDED: Beside a StumpChimney do you also need spade, briquets and lighter fluid to remove a tree stump and kill tree roots. When it is hard to position the chimney around the stump because of large roots, you might need to use an axe to make place for the Stumpchimney. With larger stumps is it recommended to drill holes into the stump before lighting the fire. This way, heat will be transferred faster to the center of the stump.
  • SWEDISH MADE PRODUCT: This tree stump remover is manufactured and patented in Sweden. It is easy to assemble, and it is delivered in a flat package 58 x 18 x 4 cm. Includes an easy to read, step by step manual.
Dimensions: 58.5 x 18 x 3.3 cm; 4.3 Kilograms
Manufacture: Stump chimney

Product Description

Remove stumps yourself with a Stump chimney with before under and after

Remove stumps yourself with a Stump Chimney. This is how it works

REMOVE TREE STUMPS YOURSELF. With little preparation, a few tools and 1 hour’s work, the stump is gone. The rest of the time, the Stump Chimney takes care of itself. The Stump Chimney is a simple metal construction, that is easy to assemble, that is adapted to the appearance of the stumps and the way they are placed in the ground. It can be used on uneven ground as well as in cases where stumps are located near rocks. Even those with a little experience can use it. The stump needs to be at least a year old. In addition to a Stump Chimney, a spade, briquettes and lighter fuel are needed. Sometimes also an axe or chainsaw and drilling machine.

The Stump Chimney removes tree stumps up to 40 cm in diameter. With two Stump Chimneys that are put together, the stump can be up to 60 cm in diameter. It can in many cases be used instead of a stump grinder or chemicals and can be reused for at least 10 stumps in your garden.

The Stump Chimney has detailed instructions and videos on how to install it and how to best remove your stump. It is an all-Swedish product and is patented and manufactured in Sweden.

See also video when a stump is removed from the product images above.