Sylvanian Families 5529 Pookie Panda Family – Dollhouse Playsets & Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop


  • Product 1: Pookie Panda posable collectable figures
  • Product 1: Four piece set: Father, mother,and two babies
  • Product 1: Dressed in removable fabric clothing
  • Product 1: Suitable for ages three years and above
  • Product 2: Lovely small shop selling soft serve ice cream
  • Product 2: Included are over 15 pieces
  • Product 2: Levers of ice cream server can be moved
  • Product 2: Stimulating imaginative role-play in children

Product description

Sylvanian Families 5529 Pookie Panda Family – Dollhouse Playsets
The Pookie Panda Family figures in dreamy cute clothes. This set includes four figures: Father, mother, and two babies. You can move the heads and limbs of these figures to put them in different poses. Enjoy even more varied play with our houses and furniture! (sold separately) Pookie Panda father, Pookie Panda mother, Pookie Panda baby (yellow outfit), Pookie Panda baby (purple outfit) (a total of 4 pieces)

Sylvanian Families – Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop
Ice cream might not be able to fix everything, but it can certainly fix a frown and lift your spirits on a sunny day. This elegant little shop includes a back unit with blue covering which houses all of the essentials including the ice cream machine, milk, and raspberry and chocolate sauce. There is also a front serving bar which has space to hold several ice creams. So that Sylvanians little ‘uns know that you have icies for sales, there is also a large sign shaped like a 99. And do not forget, there are all the ice creams you have ever dreamed of. Do not eat them all at once. This set has over 15 pieces including an ice cream holder.