CHEERBANK 3PCS Kids Garden Tools, Bright Colors, Sturdy for Real Works

  • Very sturdy kids toys. Good for both playing in the dirt as well as the sand, will last far longer than plastic sand shovels and other toys.
  • These are real tools made for a child’s hands, they are sturdy enough to really dig in the dirt!
  • Kids size friendly tools with bright colors, perfect for your 2-8 year old grandchild to help with the garden! gardening with grammy.
  • Great kiddo garden and sandbox tools, sturdy and durable shovels and rakes for your toddler to use in his sandbox. Little kids can use these to dig the ground, play in the sandbox, help in the garden, etc. Great gift for gardeners and kids!
  • Solid wood handles, decent thickness metal, you can also used them for your indoor plants, digging the garden, let your garden is looking good to go!

Product description

Great gift for kids,these are great fun in the garden, perfect super solid sandbox toys.

Dimensions: 24.79 x 10.59 x 4.7 cm; 231 Grams
Age: 3 months and up
Reference: color3