EPEVER 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Tracer AN Series 30A 12V/24V DC Automatically Identifying System Voltage(30A+MT50+RTS)

  • 99.5% Efficiency MPPT Charge Controller 30A We Supply Free System Design and Technical Support Solar Off-Grid System
  • Automatic System Voltage Recognition (12/24 V) Auto-saving function: two voltage disconnect levels
  • High tracking efficiency no less than 99.5% – Negative GroundMax.PV input power: 12V/390W,24V/780W
  • Multi-function LCD displays system information intuitively,If you need with PC soft & MT50 for real-time monitoring recommend eLOG01
  • Gel, Sealed and Flooded lithium Battery battery type optio Remote Cable 2 M

Product description

EPEVER Upgraded 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Tracer A 3210AN Solar Charge With LCD Display

Product Specification 

★Multiple load control modes: manual control, lighting ON/OFF, light On+Time r 

★Advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, with efficiency no less than 99.5% 

★ Wide MPPT operating voltage range. 

★ 12/24VDC automatically identifying system voltage. 

★LCD display design, dynamically displaying tool’s operating data and working condition. 

★Available for PC monitoring and external display realizing real-time data checking and parameters setting.


Ultra-fast tracking speed 

Accurately recognizing and tracking of multiple power point 

User programmable for battery types, load control etc. 

Common positive grounding design 

Rated charge current: 30A 

Max.PV input power: 12V/390W,24V/780W 

Max.PV open circuit voltage: 100VDC

Added Features: 

★Blacklight LCD Display 

★Common Negative Ground 

★Support lithium Battery 

★More Safety Protection

Electronic protections 

PV short circuit protection 

PV reverse polarity protection 

Battery over voltage protection 

Battery over discharge protection 

Battery reverse polarity protection 

Load overload protection

MT-50 Features 

Automatic identify the controller, and display the type, model and relevant parameter data 

Large-screen multifunction LCD displays all the operational data and system working status 

Real-time energy statistics recording 

Longer communication distance based on RS485

More powerful function Via MT50

Diversified load control modes : manual, light ON/OFF, Light ON+ Timer, Time Control&nbs

Weight: 1.99 kg
Size: 30A+MT50+RTS
Dimensions: 25 x 19 x 15 cm; 1.99 Kilograms
Part: EP Solar
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: EP Solar
Reference: EP Solar
Size: 30A+MT50+RTS