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Samsung ML-3710ND – Price Deal

When you choose a printer for your business – you want to know that you′re making the right choice. You want a printer that not only provides exceptional print quality – but delivers value too. Because the Samsung ML-3710ND is so simple to use it does just that.Simple menu structures mean everyone can utilise all the features it has to offer. Simple paper handling means that you can print on a wide range of papers and card stock – delivering professional results every time. And simple technology keeps paper jams at bay – and your teams focussed on their jobs.Simple to use and maintain, the Samsung ML-3710ND effortlessly combines high performance with outstanding productivity and versatility. Perfect for the busy office – perfect for you.

Save time and earth with convenient one-touch eco modeJust one touch of the ECO button selects the toner save mode. And if you want to do more, administrator can customise the ECO settings to also convert your printouts to two or four pages per sheet, as well as print in duplex as standard. And it doesn′t stop there. With the unique Result Simulator you can see exactly how much CO2, electricity and paper you have saved with the settings you′ve selected. Giving you real insight into the positive impact the Samsung ML-3710ND is having on your costs and the environment too.

Welcome to your high performance officeThe ML-3710ND increases your productivity with a print speed of 35ppm. If its breathtakingly fast printing speed isn′t enough, when you factor in the processing power that comes with an 600MHz dual-core processor, Gigabit network and memory expandable up to 384 MB,, there′s no doubting the high-octane performance the ML-3710ND can bring to any office.

Connect with your colleaguesConnect everyone in your office to one network and keep everything running smoothly.

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