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Samsung Electronics Levant provides customers with unparalleled mobile experience


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Stemming from its commitment to create new possibilities and bring its customers the best mobile experience, Samsung Electronics Levant offers a variety of protection plans and advices for its customers. With the mobile booklet that guides users with important information on how to correctly handle a mobile and protect the battery and accessories, in addition to highlight warnings on miss handling the mobile such as external impact or direct heat exposure. Also for an enhanced mobile experience in the Jordanian market, Samsung Electronics Levant cooperated with BCI; Samsung mobiles authorized dealer in Jordan, with its different branches across the kingdom, to provide users with professional support by answering their inquiries or fixing issues, in addition to offering protection, installation and setup services. By visiting one of BCI s branches, users can guarantee buying original batteries and chargers manufactured by Samsung. Mr.

Fadi Abu Shamat, Head of Retail & Corporate Marketing at Samsung Electronics Levant commented by saying: At Samsung Electronics Levant we thrive for the best smartphone usage by our customers, and that includes providing this mobile booklet with every new device purchased at our authorized dealer BCI .

Highlighting the importance of using original parts and accessories manufactured by Samsung.