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EasyAcc ® Black Customized Pouch Case Bag for EasyAcc External Battery (Inner Size: 170*80*30mm)

  • Designed to store external battery, suitable for EasyAcc 6000mAh 10000mAh 15000mAh power banks.
  • Storage: Except power banks, accessories like USB charging cable can be fastened with mesh bag inside.
  • Convenient design: Strap design, make it convenient to carry.
  • Enough space: Make it possible to store other brand external battery within dimension of 170*80*30mm.
  • Water resistant: Provide dual protection for power banks.

The Bag with straps provides the perfect place for external battery and its accessories that find their way into your life. With its stylish design and Sturdy, convenient function attached you can be ready for anything!

Constructed of durable and stain-resistant EVA material, this bag snugly fits and protects your external battery, with enough room to accommodate its accessories.

Your electronic gadgets should fit seamlessly into your life, not rule it. Organize your gear with this external battery from EasyAcc, tailored specifically for the way you live.

Suitable for : – EaysAcc External Battery: 8400mAh 10000mAh – EasyAcc Wifi Storage: Wizard – Also fit for other brand external battery.

Package Included: 1 * bag

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BAGSMART Cable Organizer Electronic Accessories Holder IT Bags Shiny Green

  • Dimensions: [Large] 16.5 x 9.5 x 0.5 inches. [Small] 8.5 x 6.5 x 0.3 inches, easily fit into any backpack or suitcase
  • Ideal for commuters, travelers and businnessmen
  • All Bags-mart Brand products only sold by ECOSUSI INC on Amazon. Please search for ‘Bags-mart’ to find more useful cable organizers.

Traveling with USB Cord and Charger Clutter

A huge quantity of cables? Lots of small PC accessories? Take so much time to deal with them when traveling? That is no longer a problem. Our BAGSMART neat little storage bag can easily work this out. There are 2 zip pouches which can perfectly fit extra battery pack and 6 segments with elasticized sections to fasten USB cord or power adapters.

What can be stored?

Cable ties, SATA cables, Molex to SATA power converter, cables/splitters ARE ok. In the bottom part you can also put a ribbon cable, screws/motherboard risers, grommets etc. Other items like USB sticks, pens and a slimmer torch are also available.

Enjoy your trip with our storage bag

Even the organizer is filling up, it can be closed easily as well as the items are stored securely. It’s so convenient that you can directly find your items in our small organiser, rather than hastily looking for items in a big bag.

Pretty much an essential item if you have a lot of IT accessories. We strive to provide our organiser with best quality, wonderful design and perfect layout to our dearest customer.

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