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No, Motorola Isn’t Bringing Back the Razr

Flip phone fans hoping for a new Motorola RAZR might be left disappointed, as the Lenovo-owned brand has no plans to release an updated version of the widely popular device.

A nostalgic Motorola ad1 released May 19 led some observers to speculate that the company would revive its iconic metal flip phone, which sold more than 130 million units2 over the course of its four-year lifetime. But a Motorola spokesperson says that s not the case.

We love how the throwback video has been embraced and the excitement it has generated, says Morotola rep Kathryn Hanley. The RAZR was one of the most iconic phones ever designed and redefined how stylish a mobile phone can be.

While Moto is not re-releasing the RAZR, we will transform mobile again on June 9. (That date is a reference to Lenovo s upcoming Tech World conference, when it is expected to announce new products and make other news.)

Lenovo, a Chinese company, purchased Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014 in a deal worth nearly $3 billion. The tie-up instantly made Lenovo one of the world s largest smartphone makers. But it has been rocky going since. The company was recently surpassed by a pair of less well-known Chinese firms in research firm IDC s list of the top smartphone brands3 by shipments. Indeed, in its quarterly report Thursday, Lenovo said4 the integration of the two brands did not meet expectations.


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