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MoesGo WiFi Smart Thermostat and Temperature Controller for Gas Water Boilers

MoesGo WiFi Smart Thermostat and Temperature Controller for Gas Water Boilers, Compatible with Smart Life/Tuya App and Alexa and Google Home: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools

SALE PRICE: £34.99 1.Offers full-auto or manual set up; control your device manually or connect to WiFi and adjust heating schedules and temperature via smartphone app, easily adjusting or controlling the temperature of your house. 2.This device fits most of...

Honeywell ST9400C Programmer. 7

Honeywell ST9400C Programmer. 7, 2-Channel, 3 on/Off per Day, 24 V, White

SALE PRICE: £75.00 Now with LoT Technology Our Largest ever Backlight Display Factory set Clock Automatic Summer/Winter time change 7 Day or 5/2 Day operation Check Offer Price Product description Product Description TheST9400Cin a7-dayElectronicProgrammerwhich providesaccuratetime controlforcentral heatingsystemswithseparateprogrammesforheatingandhot water.ST9400Cissuitablefor replacing awide...

Netatmo Additional Smart Radiator Valve

Netatmo Additional Smart Radiator Valve, Add-on for Smart Thermostat and for collective or district heating, NAV -EN [Energy Class A++]

SALE PRICE: £69.99 Accessory: The additional smart radiator valve works only with the Netatmo smart thermostat or the Netatmo smart radiator valves starter pack, and allows you to control the temperature with even greater precision Save energy: Save even more...