Category: Antitheft Locking Devices

Steering Wheel Lock Car Locks

Steering Wheel Lock Car Locks, 2018 Upgrade Universal Steering wheel locks Heavy Duty Anti Theft Lock Device Self Defense Clamp Adjustable Length Emergency Hammerwith Protective Cap

SALE PRICE: £21.99 THE MONOJOY CAR ANTI-THEFT LOCK WIDELY RECOMMENDED BY CAR EXPECT & POLICE – 100% effective in police tests. steering locks combined with a faraday bag for the car key.New Heavy duty ‘Integrated Metallic Body Frame ’ architecture,...

Keyless Car Key Signal Blocker Box

Keyless Car Key Signal Blocker Box, Faraday Box for Car Keys, RFID Signal Blocker Pouch, Anti-Theft Faraday Cage,Key Fob Storage Box,Safe Security RF Blocking for Smart Keys Cards House Indoor (Large)

SALE PRICE: £19.99YOU SAVE: £2.01 [WHY YOU NEED THIS SHIELDING BOX] This car key box works like a faraday bag, to prevent criminals from using keyfob skimming tools to copy or mimic your keyfob’s unique signal/wireless code to gain access...