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Highest-scoring slimline dishwasher revealed

Our latest dishwasher reviews include a GBP250 slimline machine from Baumatic, plus a GBP1,000 slimline option from Miele. One of these models impressed us so much that it’s shot to the top of our slimline selection with an impressive score of 79%. Check out our chart of all the Best Buy dishwashers.[1]

Slimline dishwasher reviews

Baumatic BDIS410 – GBP250

The fully integrated Baumatic BDIS410 is a slimline dishwasher that’s designed to be hidden behind a cabinet door in your fitted kitchen, and can hold up to 10 place settings. Costing around GBP250, it’s cheap, even compared with other slimline models. It doesn’t compromise on features, though, with a delay timer, anti-flood sensor, adjustable upper rack and seven wash programs.

You can find out how it cleaned grubby dishes streaked with baked-on egg, spinach and mince, by reading the full Baumatic BDIS410 review[2]. Miele G 4680 SCVi – GBP1,000This slimline Miele fits into a 45cm kitchen unit and holds nine place settings. Slimline models usually have a capacity of between eight and 10 settings, so this machine is typical.

It’s fully-integrated, meaning it’s designed to be hidden behind a cabinet door for a seamless fitted kitchen look. We reveal whether this more expensive machine deals with dirty dishes seamlessly and rate how easy it is to use in the full Miele G 4680 SCVi review[3].

Should I buy a slimline dishwasher?

Slimline dishwashers are around 15cm thinner than the average full-sized model, making them perfect for those who are short on space. They typically wash between 80 and 100 items of crockery and cutlery, and we’ve found 14 machines that did such a good job of cleaning and drying that we’ve made them Best Buys.

One drawback of slimline machines is that they tend to be less energy and water efficient than full-sized models. To see our expert pick of the top slimline models from our testing, plus one Don’t Buy to avoid, head over to the best slimline dishwashers[4] page.

Latest dishwasher reviews

If you’re fitting out your kitchen and still considering which size of dishwasher to go for, check out our latest full-sized dishwasher reviews to see how they compare. Beko DFN28J21X – GBP250This freestanding full-sized Beko machine can be installed wherever you have space, and with 14 place settings it should be big enough for even large families and dinner party clean ups.

It has nine programs, plus the AquaFlex option, which is designed to let you wash delicate items, such as glasses, in the upper rack, and pots and pans in the bottom. Read our full Beko DFN28J21X review[5] to find out how it coped with greasy and grimy dishes. John Lewis JLDWW1327 – GBP329This full-sized freestanding dishwasher holds 13 place settings, and has six programs.

There’s also an air-dry setting, which opens the door before the end of the cycle to help with drying. We know that a dishwasher that doesn’t dry[6] is a big issue for dishwasher owners, so this could prove a very popular feature. Find out how we rated it in the full John Lewis JLDWW1327 review[7].

Miele G4203 SC – GBP500This isn’t the newest machine, but it is one of the cheapest Miele models we’ve tested. It holds 14 place settings, or 140 items of crockery, cutlery and glassware, which should be plenty for even large families or big dinner parties. See our full Miele G4203SC review[8] to find out.

More dishwasher reviews

If the above models don’t spark your interest, then take a look at the rest of the models from our latest testing below.

Prices correct as of 2 March 2018.


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Do Smeg dishwashers deliver sparkling dishes with style?

Italian manufacturer Smeg’s iconic retro-styled dishwashers are instantly recognisable – but they don’t come cheap. The brand launched its first dishwasher range in 1963, but these days its designs feature the latest technology, such as sensors that automatically adjust the washing conditions depending on how dirty the dishes are. We’ve just tested and reviewed four of the latest Smeg dishwashers.

Read on to find out whether there is more to these stylish dishwashers than just attractive looks, or go straight to our latest dishwasher reviews[1].

Smeg dishwashers

When it comes to dishwashers, we test fully and semi-integrated models, as well as freestanding full-size and slimline versions, and you’ll find all of these available from Smeg. Not all of them feature the curved 50s-inspired retro look that Smeg is well-known for, though – you’ll also find industrial-looking stainless steel models, as well as white dishwashers. Our tests found some that deliver spotless dishes time after time, but we’ve also uncovered a couple that are so bad at cleaning that we’ve tagged them with our Don’t Buy logo.

Compare our Smeg dishwasher reviews[2] before you buy, to make sure you know which ones to scratch off your wish list.

Latest Smeg dishwasher reviews

This time around, we tested the Smeg LV612BLE[3]. At around ?399, it’s one of the cheapest Smeg dishwashers on the market. But it’s not as generous as some when it comes to features, and it lacks a time-remaining display, so you won’t know how long is left until your dishes are ready.

It can hold 12 place settings, so it’s at the smaller end of the range for a full-size model, making it more suitable for households who might struggle to fill a larger machine. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the Smeg DF614PTX[4], which costs ?659. This holds 14 place settings and has a host of features, including ‘Enersave’ drying, which opens the door slightly after washing, in a bid to help dry your dishes more efficiently.

Its auto program uses sensors to work out the optimum washing conditions for each load, which takes the guesswork out of choosing a program. If you prefer your kitchen appliances to be hidden away, the ?549 fully integrated Smeg DI613PNH[5] full-size dishwasher (pictured above) could fit in perfectly, as it has a ‘press and release’ door that doesn’t need a handle.

It has 10 programs, including the main auto wash, and also has the Enersave drying option. But if you want your Smeg to look like a traditional iconic Smeg appliance, then the Smeg DI6FABCR[6] (?799) could be worth splashing out on. This built-in model holds 13 place settings, but unlike most built-in dishwashers it has its own door, which in this case has Smeg’s traditional curved retro look and bears the characteristic Smeg logo.

It’s available in red, black or cream. But check our reviews before you buy, as one of the Smeg dishwashers featured above is also in our list of Don’t Buy dishwashers[7].

Smeg dishwasher alternatives

If you like the sound of the Enersave drying found on some Smeg dishwashers, the Miele G6060 SCVi[8] (?1,099, pictured below) which we’ve recently reviewed, has Auto-Open drying, which serves the same purpose. Like Enersave, the door pops open just a few centimetres at the end of the cycle to allow fresh air in, to help to save energy when drying.

It’s also useful to prevent damp, musty smells developing if you won’t be unloading your dishes straight away.

Latest dishwasher reviews

If you’re not a Smeg or a Miele fan, we’ve also just reviewed the latest dishwashers from brands including Baumatic, Beko, Belling, Candy, Caple and Hotpoint. Click on the links to read full reviews for all the models we’ve tested:

Full-sized freestanding dishwashers Beko DFN0421W[9], ?199Belling FDW150[10], ?389Smeg DF614PTX[11], ?649Smeg LV612BLE[12], ?369 Full-sized fully integrated dishwashers

Baumatic BDIF631[13], ?249Candy CDI6061[14], ?249Hotpoint LTB6M126UK[15], ?319 Slimline fully-integrated dishwashers Caple DI481[16], ?340

Prices correct as of 29 June 2017.


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Sony Xperia XR news and rumors

To say that Sony s mobile brand is one dogged by turbulence is a bit of an understatement: The Xperia division recorded a loss of $544 million for the 2015 financial year. That s partly thanks to tribulations brought on by its parent company s continued restructuring it cut 1,000 jobs in Europe and China early last year. But also to blame are an inexplicable series of management missteps: the Xperia Z3+, one of the first smartphones to sport Qualcomm s Snapdragon 810 chipset, was initially plagued by reports of overheating, and when Sony s latest handset, the Z5, became available in North America an off-contract capacity, it bizarrely shipped without a fingerprint sensor. Sony s desperate for a hit, needless to say. Last month, leaked images showed a previously unrevealed Sony handset that s slightly different from the company s established design language. Now we ve got a few renders, and a name the Xperia XR. Here s everything we know so far.


Notable leaker @OnLeaks has released renders1 of Sony s upcoming handset, which he calls the Xperia XR. Take a look at them below, but keep in mind that we cannot verify any of these images or the name of the handset take everything with a grain of salt.

So, here comes the first one #SONY #XPERIAXR (moniker TBC)Roughly 146.4 71.9 8.1mm

OnLeaks (@OnLeaks) August 7, 20165

The smartphone is actually quite similar in looks to the Xperia X there are the same button placements, and the rear camera sits in a familiar place. The top and bottom bezels are a little thick.

Related: Get more out of your stylish Sony with these Xperia X tips and tricks6

But previous images do show that the handset, which GSM Arena reports7 might be the F8331, features geometry that s a little more angular than this year s Xperia X. The aesthetic might almost be described as brutalist: the phone s top and bottom edges terminate harshly at the edges, and there s no sign of the rounded, sloping corners of the type on the Xperia X. Rather, the prototype s longer edges taper at its front and rear, evoking Nokia s Lumia series of Windows Phones. It s not entirely seamless the phone s rear cover sports a discolored tab near its bottom, presumably to accommodate antennas, and a camera and flash dominate the top-left side. The image s source claims the screen is larger than that on the Xperia X.

Related: Sony Xperia X review8

It may not be long before Sony blows the lid on its skunkworks phone, though it s scheduled to make an appearance at September s IFA conference in Berlin. And even if it did, it might be bound for destinations overseas: according to leaked documents obtained by Xperia Blog in July9, Sony plans to defocus its mobile business in the United States, India, China, and Brazil in the coming months in favor of alternative East Asian, European, and Middle Eastern countries.


The design renders from @OnLeaks and the leaked images clearly indicate the phone will have a USB Type-C port, a first for Sony. The former leaker also says the Xperia XR will have dimensions of 146.4 x 71.9 x 8.1 mm. That s slightly larger than the Xperia X it s dimensions are 142.7 x 69.4 x 7.9 mm. A profiteering user of Nju kalo10, Croatia s dominant classified ads website, has listed11 a unit of the unreleased smartphone for sale.

The seller describes it as a new model of Xperia X Performance, and provided a few specifications. According to the listing, the phone features a 5.1-inch display, 23MP rear-facing camera and 12MP front-facing camera, 3GB of RAM, and non-slippery metal housing. A USB Type-C port appears to be on tap and so too does a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Everything else about the Xperia XR remains a big unknown.

Updated on 08-08-2016 by Julian Chokkattu: Added new leaked renders and the name of Sony s next handset.

Article originally published on 07-25-2016.

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