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LG V20 renders show modular design


LG V20 renders give us a better look of what s to come from LG next month, also revealing LG might still be in the modular game if the renders prove accurate.

LG didn t really keep the V20 a secret, having dropped plenty of bombs about their new smartphone in the past few weeks. We know the V20 will be the first device (not a Nexus) to run Android 7 Nougat2 and will be launched on September 6th in San Francisco. What we don t really know is what it will look like. That is partially solved with Android Authority3 and respected leaker @onleaks4, getting their hands on some renders.

LG V20 renders reveal almost all

Looking at the renders we see a button down the right side of the V20, which could be the unlock button to slide out the bottom and attach a LG Friend. LG had banked a lot on the LG Friends peripherals to be a huge success, but currently it has not captured the public s imagination, despite being the best innovation at Mobile World Congress 2016. So it will be no surprised to see the V20 support its friends.

One of the coolest feature of the V10 was the dual-front cameras, not seen in the renders. It offered better viewing angles for group selfies. Instead the rear-camera gets the dual treatment, just like the LG G5. The design of the V20 strikingly resembles the G5, from the camera to the power button/fingerprint sensor. But the secondary always-on-screen is present, corroborating a previous leak claiming the V20 was going to resemble the V10. Specs were not revealed dimensions will apparently be 159.5 x 78.1 x 7.7-8.8mm.

The V20 is rumoured5 to sport a 5.5-inch 1080p or 5.7-inch QHD display. It will most likely sport a Snapdragon 820, as the V10 used the same processor as the G4 (Snapdragon 808). A massive 4,000mAh battery could be in tow and 4GB of RAM.

We ll know a hell of a lot more on September 6th, and in the coming few weeks.

For more news, visit What Mobile s dedicated news page6.


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Modern, stylish, innovative Sony Xperia X introduced

Xperia X series

SONY Mobile continues to redefine the world of communications with its cutting-edge developments and innovations. Through the launch of its latest collection the Xperia X series Sony Mobile has positioned itself as a leader in the field of technology and design, by offering consumers a top of the line smartphone range with a stunning look and state of the art technology. The new Xperia X series includes the Xperia X and Xperia XA smartphones, crafted to make consumers life easier and enrich it through its awe-inspiring features. It has been designed to sync perfectly with your life, anytime and anywhere. The launch of the new X series adds new layers of intelligent technology to Sony mobile smartphones features: camera, battery, and design, to make every day smarter, yet simpler.

Each Xperia X series smartphone is designed with a curved glass display within a rounded, continuous frame that fits comfortably in one s palm. The unified design concept is also extended to the Xperia XA, which features a stunning edge-to-edge display, and integrates seamlessly into your life.Xperia X and Xperia XA each have a range of stylish and elegant covers, which come in four different colors to match your everyday life: White, Graphite Black, Lime Gold and Rose Gold. Moreover, Sony Mobile has expanded the communication experience through the introduction of new Xperia smart products. Xperia Ear, Xperia Eye, and Xperia Projector are designed to adapt to consumers in all situations and environment, whether at home or on-the-go. Sony Mobile envisions this new category as intelligent devices that understand preferences, activities and behavior, to provide useful and contextual information.

The new smart products are Xperia Ear, Xperia Eye, and Xperia Projector.

The Xperia Ear will roll out in summer 2016, and more developments will be coming our way on the coming months.

Apple Watch 2 Will Have GPS and a Larger Battery (If You Still Care)

It’s fair to say that, after years of waiting for the thing, the Apple Watch launched last year to a muted response. It had its fans1, but with estimates that only 12 million were sold in its first year on sale (a decent number by wearable standards, but nothing compared to the numbers Apple’s mobile products normally manage), it was a relatively poor harvest in Cupertino. Apple now turns its attentions to the Apple Watch 2. And, for those few still interested, it seems the company is at least looking to make good on the failings of its predecessor.

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According to usually-pretty-well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple Watch 2 will look almost identical to the first timepiece in terms of its size and overall thickness, but will come packing in some much-needed and oft-requested new features. Key among these will be the inclusion of a GPS tracker.

With the Apple Watch at its best as a fitness device, it’ll allow for untethered runs, free from a phone jostling in your pocket should you want to track a route and distance accurately. A barometer will be onboard for elevation, while a more efficient TSMC chip should keep things from slowing down when an iPhone isn’t available to do the heavy lifting. That TSMC chip has been shrunk down in size too, leaving more room for a larger battery, apparently. The first Apple Watch was very much an overnight charger, squeezing a day’s worth of use out but not much more. Could the next Apple smartwatch stretch to two days of play?

Kuo is pointing to a release before the end of the year, which will likely see the Apple Watch debut alongside the iPhone 73, itself expected to come from behind the curtain around September 7th. Interestingly, he’s anticipating two Apple watch launches the one detailed above, and another with the speedier processor that drops the GPS and barometer in favour of a lower price. Perhaps a sub- 200 price tag could pique the interest of the lapsed Apple faithful?



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