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Aldi recalls potentially dangerous mini deep-fat fryers

Aldi has issued a precautionary recall of its Ambiano fryers after a potential electrical fault was discovered. If you have an affected model, you should stop using it immediately. The recall only affects Ambiano mini fryers with a model number 95760 and one of the following barcodes:

  • 20072452
  • 20072476
  • 20072469

All three colours have been recalled – stainless steel, grey and red.

The Aldi Ambiano fryer was one of Aldi’s ‘special buy’ offers. Find out more about the kitchen and home gadgets Aldi has launched in our guide to Aldi and Lidl offers[1].

How to check if your Aldi fryer is affected

You can usually find the model number and barcode on the underside of a product or on the original box it came in. If you cannot find this information on your Aldi fryer, stop using it anyway and contact Aldi via email at[2], or for Ireland use[3].

Aldi has advised affected customers to return their mini fryer to their nearest store, where a full refund will be given. To find your nearest Aldi, enter your postcode into the store finder on the Aldi website[4]. Visit our guide to recalled products[5] for more information on what your rights are when a product is recalled and how the regulations can protect you.

Which? campaigning for product safety

At Which?, we’re committed to removing potentially dangerous products from people’s homes.

An alarming 60 house fires a week are started by unsafe products. That’s why we’re giving the government until the 16 May 2018 to publish an Action Plan for the Office for Product Safety and Standards. To find out more or to join our campaign against dangerous products, head to our End Dangerous Products[6] campaign site – more than 82,000 people have already pledged their support.

Deep-fat fryers vs air fryers

Deep-fat fryers have gained a negative reputation in recent years, with fears over oil fires and the health implications of greasy foods contributing to their decline in popularity.

However, newer models tend to be a much safer bet than deep-fat fryers of the past and are great for creating authentic crispy food. Our advice on how to buy the best fryer[7] to help you to spend your money wisely.

But is an air fryer a better choice? Perceived as healthier, safer and less fiddly than deep-fat models, air fryers are now a popular choice for making chips at home.

Instead of submerging ingredients in oil, air fryers only use a tiny amount and circulate hot air to cook crispy, but not greasy, food. Our Best Buy air fryers[8] round up the models that perform exceptionally in our tough testing. Supermarket brands have also got in on the act of creating budget air fryers – Lidl has launched its own-brand Silvercrest air fryer.

Our experts tried this model out, so visit our review of the Lidl Silvercrest air fryer[9] to find out if it’s worth buying.


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Best cheap American fridge freezer we’ve reviewed

A quality American fridge freezer will offer tons of storage, have handy features as standard and look great in your kitchen – but could also end up costing you a small fortune. One of the priciest models we’ve reviewed costs nearly GBP3,000. Fortunately, our tests have shown that you don’t always need to pay over the odds to bag yourself an impressive appliance.

We’ve found Best Buy American fridge freezers costing less than GBP700. The cheapest of those that topped our tests is just GBP500. Go straight to all our fridge freezer Best Buys[1].

American fridge freezer pros and cons

When you’re spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on an American fridge freezer, excellent cooling and freezing power, ease of use and plenty of shelving should be a given.

It should also stay at a stable temperature and not be a nightmare to clean. But our tests have revealed that not all models impress. One American fridge freezer scored just 44% and costs around GBP1,000.

We found that it had a poor freezer, a fridge where the temperature shot up in certain conditions and it was extremely awkward to clean.

Three things to check before you buy an American fridge freezer

Energy use

If you don’t want to spend lots of extra pennies on your energy bill, then it’s wise to check out the efficiency of each model. American fridge freezers usually cost more to run than conventional models, partly because of their size. We measure the energy usage of each model we test.

To find the most efficient, look for four or five stars in our fridge freezer reviews[2]. The good news is that an efficient American fridge freezer needn’t cost you the earth either. A good number of our Best Buy American fridge freezers have been awarded our Energy Saver logo.


More storage means more bulk.

These fridge freezers are large, and you will want to make sure you have enough space in your kitchen to cater. If you’re planning to integrate the appliance into your kitchen units, you will also need to take into consideration any extra space that might be needed for air to circulate.


One of the biggest draws for people buying an American fridge freezer is the perceived vast amount of usable storage. While this is typically correct for the fridge section, the freezer side is slimmer and normally has fewer drawers than a conventional model.

So, if you’re more likely to bulk-buy frozen meals than a week’s worth of fresh food, it might be more practical to opt for a standalone freezer instead. Get more advice on buying an American fridge freezer.[3]

What do you get if you pay more?

From automatic ice makers to transparent doors, there are plenty of extras you can get if you’re happy to spend more on your fridge freezer.

The LG Instaview[4] (pictured above) has a large rectangle of black glass on the fridge door that becomes clear when you knock on it twice with your knuckle and, in doing so, turns on the inside light. This will keep warm air from entering, saving on energy usage.

It sounds great, but will set you back GBP1,699. Individual temperature-controlled drawers are handy for ensuring certain foods are kept as fresh as possible for as long as possible. Pay GBP1,484 for the Samsung RFG23UEBP[5] and this feature is all yours.

The Bosch KAI90VI20G[6], meanwhile offers a child lock, sleek stainless-steel finish and a fast-freeze setting that provides a burst of quick chilling power, all for a cool GBP1,419.

Still not found the one for you?

Here’s our round-up of the top five American fridge freezers[7] for 2018.


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