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KitchenAid set to launch new MINI Stand Mixer

08 July 2016

The compact KitchenAid MINI Stand Mixer costs 399

Premium kitchen gadgets brand KitchenAid is releasing a compact version of its iconic stand mixer which takes up less room on your work surface.

The MINI is a reincarnation of the brand’s popular Artisan stand mixer. KitchenAid claims it’s just as good and powerful as the original, it’s just 20% smaller and 25% lighter – allowing you to free up space without compromising on the quality of your concoctions. KitchenAid also says that the MINI s 3.3-litre bowl will suit passionate bakers with smaller batch lifestyles if you live alone or with just one other person, for instance. We found that the KitchenAid Artisan KSM150PS can hold 4.6 litres. There are four colours to choose from: honeydew, matte black, matte grey and hot sauce. The MINI will launch exclusively in John Lewis in September 2016 and will be available from other department stores and independent cookshops from January 2017.

Despite its smaller stature, the KitchenAid MINI will still set you back a whopping 399. We ve tested several much cheaper stand mixers, several of which have joined our Best Buy ranks.

Looking for a stand mixer right now? Peruse our stand mixer reviews to find the best model for you.1

KitchenAid vs Kenwood stand mixers

KitchenAid vs Kenwood – which stand mixer brand comes out on top? Are you getting excited about the upcoming series of The Great British Bake Off? Eagle-eyed fans might have noticed that last year’s bakers used Kenwood s kMix stand mixer, replacing the KitchenAid Artisan that had been used in previous series. There are several similarities between Kenwood and KitchenAid stand mixers. Both come with a wire whisk, beater and dough hook and both come in an array of colours, allowing you to pick one that makes a style statement in your kitchen.

So, what’s the difference between these mixers? The most obvious one is price: the KitchenAid Artisan typically costs around 360- 399 depending on the colour, whereas you can pick up the Kenwood kMix KMX51 for less than 300. And while the Kenwood has a more powerful motor the KitchenAid has more speed settings. Our testing has uncovered the differences between these mixers that matter: what they’re like to bake with. Head to our KitchenAid stand mixer reviews2 and Kenwood stand mixer reviews3 to see which brand is best.

Which? Best Buy stand mixers

We re committed to finding the best stand mixers that ll take the effort out of everyday baking jobs, helping you save time and mess in the kitchen. You can trust Best Buy stand mixers to mix, whip and knead brilliantly, while also being easy to use and simple to clean.

We ve tested models from all the big brands, including Bosch, Hotpoint, Sage and Smeg alongside Kenwood and KitchenAid. Our results show that sometimes it s the big brands that drop the ball and that there’s not always a direct link between price and quality, so it s well worth reading our in-depth reviews before parting with your cash.

Want to avoid overspending on a dud? Here s the simple solution: check out our Best Buy stand mixers4.

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Kenwood kMix is most popular mixer of 2016

29 June 2016

The Kenwood kMix is the most popular mixer of 2016 so far, but is it the best?

The Kenwood kMix is the most popular food mixer review on in 2016 so far, coming in ahead of the iconic KitchenAid Artisan mixer.1

This might not be surprising, given that the kMix has as similarly appealing retro look, but costs over 150 less than the KitchenAid – depending on the colour you choose. The KitchenAid mixer is hot on its heels though, taking the number two spot on our list of 2016’s most popular mixers. On the face of it, both mixers have a similar spec. They both favour all-metal construction, simple speed controls and attachments for mixing, whipping and kneading. They also each have a splashguard to prevent lighter ingredients spraying out of the bowl, and an additional outlet for attaching extras like a meat mincer, spiralizer or juicer (bought separately). The kMix comes with a spatula and flexible beater attachment too, and has a slightly larger capacity than the KitchenAid.

Which will whip up the glossiest meringues, lightest sponges and most perfect pastries? Find out by heading to our stand mixer reviews.2

Top five most popular stand mixers

You can see the most popular mixer reviews below and follow the links to the full reviews. Alternatively, get our pick of the best mixers around by heading straight to our Best Buy stand mixers3

1) Kenwood kMix KMX51, 229

The Kenwood kMix KMX514 is a mid-priced mixer with high-end looks, which is probably the secret to its popularity. It s available in an array of colours and comes with a useful flexi-beater attachment, which is designed to scrape down the sides of its mixing bowl as it works, meaning you shouldn t have to worry about ingredients getting left behind.

2) KitchenAid Artisan KSM150PS, 399

The retro design of this iconic KitchenAid mixer will be instantly recognisable to many aspiring bakers. The KitchenAid Artisan KSM150PS5 comes in 24 colours ranging from a simple white to electric blue. Fixing and removing attachments is straightforward and its splashguard has an extra wide chute to make adding ingredients during mixing easy.

3) Kenwood KHH326WH MultiOne, 229

The Kenwood KHH326WH MultiOne6 differs from the other stand mixers on this list. As well as having the usual stand mixer attachments, it comes with attachments for food processing and juicing giving it the potential to be your ultimate solution to a range of kitchen tasks.

This Andrew James mixer offers glossy style at a budget price, which might explain why it’s the fourth most popular review

4) Andrew James Electric Stand Mixer, 80

Andrew James may not be the biggest name in the world of stand mixers, but at just 80 this mixer is a steal compared to rivals. Our Andrew James Electric Stand Mixer review7 reveals if you can get away with a cheap mixer and still achieve brilliant baking results.

5) Kenwood Chef Classic KM336, 180

The iconic Kenwood Chef mixer8 has been around in various guises since 1950. Like the MultiOne, it doesn t restrict itself to the basic stand mixer tasks. It also comes with a blender so you can use it to make soups and smoothies. Read the full review to see if we rated it’s ability to mix, knead and whip ingredients into shape.

Which? mixer reviews

The list of top five mixers has been compiled from the stand mixer reviews which were viewed the most between 1 January 2016 and 20 June 2016 on Prices shown are the best prices as of 28 June 2016.

To see full reviews of over 34 different stand mixers, including models from Kenwood, KitchenAid, Bosch, Sage and Russell Hobbs, visit our stand mixer reviews10.

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Five kitchen gadgets to get you baking like a pro

19 April 2016

The BBC s Cr me de la Cr me edition of The Great British Bake Off has swapped amateur bakers for professional pastry chefs, which might tempt you to upgrade your kitchen kit.

Here are five professional-style kitchen gadgets that could help you up your baking game.

The Kenwood Chef Sense has a generous mixing bowl with a wide brim.

Kenwood Chef Sense KVC5000T, 400

Any serious (or seriously aspiring) baker will need a stand mixer, and a good one will take the hard work out of mixing, whisking and kneading. Kenwood s Chef Sense stand mixer comes with useful design features the wide brim on the mixing bowl plus an extra wide feed chute in the splash guard can help minimise mess and there are a plethora of extra attachments available to help you do even more.It s not cheap though, and we have uncovered Best Buys at around half the price.

Are you just paying for the brand name, or is there a reason Kenwood is a popular choice? Find out in our full Kenwood Chef Sense KVC5000T review.1

We ve also reviewed the rival KitchenAid Artisan mixer, and models from Bosch and Tefal. You can compare by heading to all of our stand mixer reviews2.

The Sage Wizz pro is a powerful food processor endorsed by Heston Blumenthal.

Sage Kitchen Wizz Pro BFP800UK, 340

A food processor is an essential piece of kit for precision chopping, slicing, grating and blending. This one claims to go above and beyond – given that it’s endorsed by Heston Blumenthal, carries a hefty price tag, and is dubbed the Wizz Pro, you d expect it to.

It is powerful, heavy-duty and has an extra-wide feed chute as well as an array of accessories including a dough blade, reversible grating discs and an adjustable slicing disc.

Did this fancy food processor whizz through our tests? Find out in our full Sage Kitchen Wizz Pro review, and browse all of our food processor reviews to find the right one for you.34

The Thermomix is an all-in-one wonder that weighs, preps and cooks.

Thermomix TM5, 925

The Thermomix inspires cult-like devotion in many, and it makes regular appearances on TV shows like Masterchef. So what s the appeal of this expensive kitchen machine? It s an all-in-one machine that can weigh, prep and cook food at the touch of a button, and comes with an exciting repertoire of recipes from dough to sorbet plus a high-tech control panel to oversee all of this. We were intrigued to see if the Thermomix really is a kitchen saviour, or if it s a bit of an over-indulgence, so we sent it home with one of our experts who gave us her first impressions.

Find out whether we’re Thermomix converts in our Thermomix first look review.5

The Neff B57CR22NOB has a handy pyrolytic self-cleaning function.

Neff B57CR22NOB pyro steam oven, 667

For a perfect bake, you need an excellent oven. Neff ovens are often featured on Bake Off, probably partially because they look slick with their slide-under doors but they also come with impressive features to pique the interest of keen bakers. This one has a steam cooking function and pyrolytic self-cleaning so you don t have to worry about any batter spillage.

See if the Neff deserves its TV stardom with our full Neff B57CR22N0B review and compare it to others with all of our built-in oven reviews.67

The Rangemaster Profesisonal Plus 110 gives you room for big batches.

Rangemaster Professional Plus 110, 1779

If you re taking things to the next level, a range cooker will give you plenty of space to go all out with your baking. The Rangemaster Professional Plus 110 has two roomy ovens so you can get a large batch of biscuits on the go at once, or tackle a more complicated cake with expert timing.

This one will require a large budget, so check out our Rangemaster Professional Plus 110 review and all of our range cooker reviews to be sure you’re making the right choice.89

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