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Tidylife Air Fryer, 3.4 L 1500W 8-in-1 Oil-Less Touchscreen Airfryer for Healthy Fried Food, Auto Shut Off &Timer, Dishwasher Safe, Black Fryer (Complimentary with a 32 Recipes Book) – Reduced

Tidylife Air fryer adopt the modern technology of hot air circulation, 

360°high-speed air circulation instead of traditional frying, 

great capacity and new touch screen make your cooking more easily and fast then usually. 

Cooking without oil, less fat, less calorie, it’s time to change your lifestyle and take care of the healthy for your family.

【Modern Design】

Tidylife air fryer is of new touch digital screen design, different from other traditional air fryer with 

timer and rotary switch, make your cooking more intelligentize and easily. 

With 7 cooking presets, you can fry, bake,roast and cook various food you want. 

An air fryer equal to a fryer and a mini oven.

【Super Capacity&Power】

3.4 litre capacity, completely satisfied the need for a whole family of 3-4 peoples, 7in Pizza/2.5lb 

Chicken/4 Steak/550g chips are all possible. 

And 1500 watts power, help you save 30% of cooking time than conventional oven, 

wait less time and you can enjoy your meal.


Capacity of pan: 4L

Capacity of basket: 3.4L

Voltage: 120V/230V

Frequency: 50/60HZ



1 × 1500W Tidylife Air Fryer

1 × Cooking recipe

1 × Instruction Manual

1 × Warranty card

1 × Thank you card

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