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Lidl launches cheap soup maker and air fryer for Christmas

Just in time for any last-minute Christmas buying panic you may be having, Lidl has launched two new kitchen appliance offers – the Cook ‘n’ Mix Electric Soup Maker and the Lidl Silvercrest Hot Air Fryer. At GBP40 and GBP60 respectively, these kitchen gadgets have arrived just at the right time, offering warming winter food to help fight off the freezing temperatures, as well as two attractively priced options for last-minute Christmas shoppers with foodie friends or loved ones to buy for. With some branded versions of these products costing well over GBP100, these Lidl gadgets look like pretty good value, but are they actually worth snapping up?

Read on for our expert analysis.

Best soup makers[1] – see our top recommendations

Lidl soup maker – is it a good deal?

Like all soup makers, the Cook ‘n’ Mix allows you to make your own hot soups and blend cold smoothies, too. At GBP40 it is one of the cheapest soup makers you can buy. It has four automatic programs – for smooth soups, chunky soups, compotes and smoothies – and comes with a small cookbook with recipes for each.

You can make a minimum of 1.3 litres and a maximum of 1.6 litres in one go. This is quite a small range to choose from, and means that you’ll always have to make a minimum of around four portions. However, this is quite common with this type of soup maker.

Soup maker buying guide[2] – find out more about the different types available

Overall, its specification is pretty similar to entry-level models from big soup maker brands such as Morphy Richards, although you won’t find extras such as a saute function, which some more expensive models have.

This browns ingredients before cooking and can help to add flavour. It’s a good price, but if you shop around you can find some of our Best Buy soup makers for only around GBP5 more. Check our list of Best Buy soup makers[3] to see the tried-and-tested models that make the cut.

Lidl Hot Air Fryer – is it worth buying?

The Lidl Hot Air Fryer uses rapid hot air circulation and a heating element to ‘fry’ food.

It’s the cheap Lidl version of popular air fryers from brands such as Philips Air Fryer[4] and Tefal Actifry[5]. The Silvercrest Hot Air Fryer has an adjustable temperature from 60?C to 200?C, a 60-minute countdown timer and automatic shut-off for peace of mind. The frying basket and pan are both non-stick and dishwasher-safe, so it should be easy to clean.

However, as with most air fryers of this type, there’s no paddle to stir the ingredients as they cook, which we’ve found can help to get more even results.

Air fryer buying guide[6] – how to choose the right features for you

Most air fryers use a small amount of oil to coat food as it cooks, but this Lidl fryer uses none at all. That’s good news for your waistline, but does it give tasty results? No-oil options aren’t that common, but we’ve tested one in 2017.

Read the full Russell Hobbs Purifry review[7] to see how it fared in our tough tests. To see which air fryers we recommend, see our list of Best Buy air fryers[8].

Best kitchen gadgets for Christmas gifting

With festive feasts on the agenda, and the prospect of a chilly winter ahead, a small kitchen gadget such as an air fryer or soup maker could make a great gift for the culinary enthusiast in your life, or for those who need a little encouragement to get cooking. Other good kitchen gifting options include:

  • Coffee machines[9] make a warming espresso or cappuccino at home.

    We’ve found Best Buys for less than GBP100.

  • Blenders[10] for a fruit-laden start to the New Year.

    Use our reviews to see how the popular Nutribullet measures up, plus the cheaper options worth considering.

  • Slow cookers[11]tasty, slow-cooked casseroles to warm the cockles.

    Get the lowdown on brilliant budget buys in our reviews.

If it’s Christmas tech you’re looking for, check out our recent guide to the Best tech Christmas gifts under GBP100[12].


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Five new Which? Best Buy dishwashers

We’ve put 10 of the latest dishwashers through our tough testing, including full-sized, slimline and compact models from AEG, Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, Hotpoint and Zanussi. Five of the dishwashers we tested did such a good job of cleaning and drying our dirty dishes that we’ve awarded them Best Buys[1]. One model scored an impressive 87%, making it one of the highest scoring dishwashers we’ve seen.

But one of the dishwashers on test left our crockery so grimy that it got just one star for cleaning. It left glasses smeared with watermarks, and was noisy to boot. We simply couldn’t recommend it so we had to name it a Don’t Buy[2].

Below we take a look at some of the latest models we’ve just tested. Read on to find out more about the dishwashers on test, and click the links to head through to our full reviews. Dishwasher reviews[3] – read all of our reviews of the latest dishwashers


This full-sized dishwasher has space for 13 place settings, so you can wash 130 items in one go. The lower rack can be adjusted using a ComfortLift mechanism, which lets you pull it out and raise it to the level of the upper rack for loading and unloading. The AEG FSS62800P, which was also on test, has the same feature.

We assess every dishwasher on test to see how easy it is to use, so can the ComfortLift lower rack help when unloading large loads of dishes? Read our full AEG FSK93800P review[4] to find out.

Bosch SMV68TD06G/01

The SMV68TD06G/01 is a full-sized integrated dishwasher with capacity for 14 place settings, which should be plenty for all but the biggest families or dinner parties.

It’s wi-fi connected, so you can control it via the companion app on your smartphone. It’s got an A+++ energy rating, but we check energy and water use on both the main and eco program in our testing so we can tell you how much each dishwasher will affect your annual utility bills. Find out how economical this smart and stylish dishwasher is, and how it does on cleaning and drying, by reading our Bosch SMV68TD06G/01 review[5].

Bush DWINT125W

This full-sized Bush dishwasher is exclusive to Currys and costs less than ?200. It can wash 120 items or twelve place settings in one load, so it may be on the small side for some. We know that price doesn’t correlate to performance when it comes to cleaning dishes and glassware – we’ve found plenty of good low-priced models and some pricey duds too.

So how does this bargain Bush measure up? Read our review of the Bush DWINT125W[6] to find out.

Fisher & Paykel DD60SCTHX9

This Fisher & Paykel dishwasher is a semi-integrated one-drawer dishwasher that has room for 60 items.

It’s designed for built-in kitchens, but with a front exterior that’s designed to be visible rather than hidden behind a regular kitchen cabinet door. We put this dinky dishwasher through the same testing as full-sized or slimline models, so we can tell you if the cleaning and drying is up to scratch. So is this the perfect option if you’re tight on space?

Head to the our Fisher & Paykel DD60SCTHX9 review[7] to see whether this small machine is mighty.

Latest dishwasher reviews

If your favourite dishwasher model isn’t in those we’ve mentioned above, why not take a look at what we thought about these latest models we’ve just reviewed:

Prices correct as of 20 July 2017.


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