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  • Microwave Egg Boiler and Cooker
  • BPA Free
  • Boil or cook up to 4 Eggs!
  • Enjoy soft, medium or hard eggs in just minutes
  • Just add water and place in the microwave, Simple!
  • Convenient, easy and nutritious for all the family
  • Sleek design, high build quality and easy and fast operation
  • Comes with instructions!
  • 100% Brand New
  • High quality
  • Next day delivery available too!!!
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  • Enjoy soft, medium or hard eggs in just minutes
  • Just add water and place in the microwave, Simple!
  • Convenient, easy and nutritious for all the family
  • Sleek design, high build quality and easy and fast operation
  • Comes with instructions!

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VonShef Premium Electric Egg Boiler for 16 Eggs with Poacher and Omelette Maker Bowl – Cheap

Step away from the hob and cook eggs to perfection with VonShef 16 Egg Boiler instead.

Hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, in an omelette; however you like your eggs, this must-have appliance has it covered.

Designed with the egg lover in mind, the versatile VonShef Egg Boiler comes with two shelves with room to cook up to 16 eggs at once. Great for cooking large breakfasts or meals for all the family. If you prefer, you can remove one of the shelves to turn the appliance into a one tier egg boiler with an eight egg capacity.

Fancy a change from boiled? Use the bowl provided to create perfectly poached eggs and scrumptious omelettes in an instant.

The Egg Boiler automatically cooks your eggs just how you like them according to the amount of water used – guidelines and a measuring cup are included. The cup comes with a built in egg piercer to stop eggs from cracking.

As the egg boiler switches off automatically once cooking is complete, you can leave the appliance to its own devices without worrying about a pan boiling over.

Equipped with overheat protection for safer use and your peace of mind.

Contemporary silver/ black design with power indicator light.


Power: 500W

Size: 35.6 x 33.6 x 12.4cm

Weight: 1kg

Material: Stainless steel/ plastic

  • The quick and hassle-way to cook eggs to perfection – large capacity cooks up to 16 eggs at once!
  • Two removable shelves hold 8 eggs each – versatile design can be used as a one or two tier egg boiler
  • Easy to use with power indicator light, auto switch off and overheat protection – automatically cooks eggs hard boiled, soft boiled or in-between, depending on the amount of water used
  • Includes measuring cup with egg piercer and poaching bowl to create scrumptious poached eggs and omelettes
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included

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Savisto Electric Egg Boiler with Poacher, Steamer and Omelette Maker Attachments | 7 Egg Capacity – Black – Mega Value

Savisto Stainless Steel Egg Boiler, Poacher, Steamer & Omelette Maker

Enabling you to cook eggs more swiftly, more safely and more energy efficiently than ever before, Savisto’s new gadget – the electric egg cooker – is a must-have accessory for any kitchen!

Energy Efficient Design

A major benefit of the Savisto egg cooker is its low carbon footprint. It uses a fraction of the water of a standard saucepan, but cooks your eggs just as swiftly – ensuring you have delicious breakfast eggs every morning without fail!

It is also much more consistent than a conventional saucepan: a handy guide is included with the Savisto egg boiler which lets you know exactly how much water to use, and how long to leave your eggs in, to ensure that they are soft, hard or medium boiled!

Extremely Versatile Accessory

The stainless steel steamer isn’t just great for eggs; both poach and steam settings work just as well on vegetables! This makes it the perfect accessory to use whether you’re steaming broccoli, poaching carrots or just looking to save a bit of extra room in your oven!

Stylish, Ergonomic Design

The usefulness of the Savisto egg cooker is rounded out by its stylish, compact design. The modular design not only ensures maximum energy efficiency, it also allows you to wash the top, shelf and body of the gadget separately – ideal for easy clean-up after use!

Providing an unparalleled range of uses in a compact, easy-to-clean package, this fantastic gadget truly is a must-have purchase for any kitchen!

  • Savisto stainless steel egg cooker: this stylish, compact gadget is designed to boil seven eggs or poach four eggs simultaneously, making it the perfect accessory for breakfast time.
  • In addition to boiling and poaching, the Savisto egg cooker can also be used to make omelettes, adding an extra layer of versatility to your new gadget.
  • Poach and steam functions are ideal for use on vegetables; making the electric egg boiler an ideal accessory for cooking at lunch or dinnertime, as well as breakfast.
  • Compact, stylish design ensures a small carbon footprint and maximum energy efficiency. Easy clean-up after use is guaranteed.
  • Product Dimensions: 168 x 168 x 153mm | Rated Voltage: 220 – 240V | Rated Power: 360W.

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