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Which? reviews: ‘Best freezer in years’

23 July 2016

We’ve tested new under-counter fridges and freezers from John Lewis and Liebherr

An under-counter freezer has sailed through our tough tests to earn an outstanding overall score of 89%. That makes it the best freezer review we’ve seen in years, and one of the best freezers we’ve ever tested.

Not only is it a sure thing for our coveted Best Buy award, but it’s also one of the only freezers we’ve tested that has no flaws whatsoever. If you’re looking for a small freezer this summer, look no further. Unlike some freezers we’ve seen, the temperature in this one will remain safe and stable even during a heatwave.

Keep reading to find out what else makes it so good, or head to our Best Buy freezers to see all our top picks.1

And read on for reviews of fridge freezers and fridges we’ve just tested.

Small but mighty freezer

Maintaining a safe and stable temperature whatever the weather, is just one of many things that’s excellent about our new Best Buy. It freezes rapidly as well. That’s important because the faster food freezes, the less time harmful bacteria has to thrive, and the more likely it is that nutrients in your food will be locked in. It’s not the cheapest under-counter freezer we’ve tested, but it is one of the most energy efficient. The money it could save you on your energy bills makes it better value for money, and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment, too.

Our new Best Buy freezer is one of four models we’ve just tested two from John Lewis and two from Liebherr. Scroll down to find links to the full reviews, or head to our John Lewis2 and Liebherr freezer reviews3 to see how they compare.

Freezer reviews

John Lewis JLFZW18164 549, freestanding (tall)John Lewis JLUCFZW60105 289, freestanding (under-counter)Liebherr GP12136 309, freestanding (under-counter)Liebherr G12237 280, freestanding (under-counter)

Looking for a new fridge freezer?

We’ve recently reviewed three fridge freezers, and while there are no new Best Buys, one isn’t far off. At the high end of the market, we’ve added two freestanding models to our Miele fridge freezer reviews8. But we’ve also looked at a Whirlpool fridge freezer that’s very reasonably priced for a built-in.

Fridge freezer reviews

Miele KFN28032Dwh9 750, freestanding (tall)Miele KFN29042Dwh10 849, freestanding (tall)Whirlpool ART650011 360, built-in (tall)

We test models in every price range, so go to our fridge freezer reviews12 to find the perfect one for you.

Under-counter fridge reviews

You could be forgiven for thinking that the two new new under-counter fridges we’ve just tested are identical. They’re both from Liebherr, both white and both cost 300. But they’re different where it matters one scores 56% in our tests, while the other gets 68%.

Fridge reviews

Liebherr TP172013 300, freestanding (under-counter)Liebherr T171014 300, freestanding (under-counter)

If you’re not looking for a small fridge, head to our full list of fridge reviews15. Prices are correct as of July 2016.

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