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Popcorn And Candyfloss Makers

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Simeo Popkornmaker FC 120 Design / Retro / 30 cm hoch

  • Mains powered Retro 50s style Popcorn Maker
  • Uses hot air to pop the kernels instead of oil – so healthier
  • Pops a bowl of popcorn in minutes!
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Compact, measures approx 28 cm x 16 cm x 11.5 cm

Have a blast from the past and enjoy freshly made popcorn like they did in movie theatres with this terrific old fashioned popcorn maker! This Retro Popcorn Maker will make a bowl of delicious hot popcorn in a matter of minutes. It’s easy to use and instead of using oil, it uses hot air to pop the popcorn, therefore making it a healthier option at snack time! If you love retro gifts and need something classic for friends and family, then be sure to pop one of these bad boys into your basket!With a classic red and white 50s style, this hot air popcorn popper will add a super cool retro touch to any home. It will sit neatly on your tabletop or sideboard and is a must-have for nights in with a blockbuster movie! It’s so easy to use and cleans up a treat too.Just put the designated quantity of popcorn kernels into the machine, switch it on and watch tasty popcorn burst out into your bowl.Close your eyes and, with the aroma of popcorn in the air it’ll feel just like you’re at the cinema! You can be healthy and have the popcorn plain, or add some je ne sais quoi such as butter or syrup. You could also use it with your chocolate fountain if you’re feeling devilish. Just grab some popcorn instead of marshmallows and drown it in the stuff!

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American Originals Candy Floss & Cake Pop Machines + 250g Candyfloss + 500g Cake

  • Great for parties
  • Great for adults and children

The Retro American Originals Party Pack 24 contains 1 Candy Floss and 1 Cake Pop Machine will create a fun and enjoyable evening for you and your party guests. Please note the food is not included.

This American Original Candy Floss maker is a carnival favourite and will enhance any party atmosphere with its retro design and fluffy style candy floss.

Creates fluffy candy floss in seconds (Few minutes to start machine) Includes measuring spoon

Thermo cut off

Power: 500W

250g Strawberry flavoured candy floss sugar

Try these new and creative CakePops using the Best Selling American Originals PopCake Maker. Great for parties, birthdays and even as a nice tasty snack.

It has non stick coated cooking plates which makes it easier to clean.

Power on and ready indicator lights.

Skid resistant feet.

Metallic red housing

0.75M black power cord and a black BS plug with pin protector

Delicious recipes and decorating ideas included

Includes 50 Cake Pop sticks

500g chocolate cake mix

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Hello Kitty 3-qt. Popcorn Popper – KT5230 – Bargain Discount

  • Makes 3-Quart of Fresh, Delicious Popcorn
  • Clear cover allows viewing during popping and doubles as a serving bowl
  • Nonstick Popping Surface
  • Motorized Stirring Rod
  • Built-in Butter Well

Pink popper cooks up to 3 qts. of corn in Hello Kitty style. Motorized stirring rod gets everything moving and the nonstick surface makes cleanup easy. Features a built-in butter well for quick melting. After all the kernels have popped, just flip over the machine and use the pink dome lid as a serving bowl. Dimensions:11.3″W x 8.54″ H x 9.25″ D

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