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CAS PD-2 POS/Checkout Scale, LB & OZ Switchable, 60 x 0.01 lbs, Legal-for-Trade – Reduced

CAS PD-2 connects to most point-of-sale systems and cash registers for checkout applications, and to personal computers for many other applications that require digital weight data. CAS PD-2 is also perfect for manual batching applications, such as controlling the weight of ingredients added to a recipe. Finally, many supermarkets are replacing mechanical estimating scales found in fresh self service areas of the store with a more accurate and durable digital scale. Whether standing alone, or connected to a POS or computer, CAS PD-2 is an excellent solution for your weighing needs. Legal for Trade. NTEP 92-174A2

  • Interface with ECR, POS or Computer. Standard RS-232C, 4Bit Parallel
  • Legal for Trade
  • Auto Zero Tracking, Front and Side Easy to Read VFD Tilt Display
  • Optional Remote Tower Display, Ball Type Platter
  • Range: 0~30 lb x 0.01 lb, 30~60 lb x 0.02 lb Dual Range, Lbs/Oz Switchable

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Digital Kitchen Scale. Weigh Food in Grams and Ounces. 15-lb Capacity. – Cheap Price

The Secret to Having the Perfect Body. Manage Your Food Calories and Diet the Easy Way

New Digital Kitchen Scale Lets You Weigh Twice as Much for Half the Cost!

★ A must-have for anyone trying to lose or manage their weight. ★ Keep yourself on track with balanced meals. ★ Weigh your food to get an accurate measurement of what you’re eating.

Flexible and Easy to Use

★Switch between metric and English weights (grams, ounces, pounds) ★ Max capacity over 15 lbs. compared to 10 lbs. for most others. ★ Tare a bowl with the push of a button ★ Easy to clean ★ 2 AAA batteries included


★ Clean bright white ★ Small size won’t dominate your kitchen counter

Stick to your diet even when travelling

★ Lightweight ★ Durable ★ Portable

★ No-risk 1 Year No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee ★ 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee

Purchase today to take control of your eating and manage your weight the smart way.

  • ★ Easily switch between metric and English weights (grams, ounces, pounds). ★ Tare a bowl easily.
  • ★ Durable max capacity over 15 lbs (7kg) Compare to 10 lbs max. for most other more expensive brands
  • ★ Stylish bright white and easy to clean. ★ AAA batteries included.
  • ★ Small size won’t dominate your kitchen counter. ★ Lightweight and portable.
  • ★ No-risk 1 Year No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee ★ 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee

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Digital Kitchen Scale Fashion Ultra-Thin Multi-Function Maximum Weighing 5000G (Black/Silver),Black – Mega Discount

Name: Kitchen scaleDivision value: 1 gMaximum load: 5000gProduct Size: 238 * 10 * 21mmPower: 2XAAA (without battery)Unit selection: G / OZ / LB / ML / FL.OZAutomatic zeroing: support for automatic shutdownZero function: support, touch operationProduct net weight: 537g

  • * Easy to use – Cooking scales with advanced touch buttons are easy to operate and have 5 kinds of units lbs, grams, milliliters and ounces are freely convertible.
  • * Accurate – The food scale is equipped with 4 modern high-precision sensors. While increasing accuracy, the life span of electronic scales is effectively extended, and excellent sensitivity can be maintained even when used frequently.
  • * Visual experience – Blue backlit LCD display, 60MM * 21MM display clear, comfortable reading, with a pure color ratio, visual experience more perfect.
  • * Practical zero skin change function – Humanized design, perfect control experience, but also cumulative measurement, easy to solve a variety of weighing problems.
  • * Versatility – In fact, in addition to the kitchen, it is a good helper for your life. Weigh jewelry, herbs, tea, etc.

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