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Wadjet Eye Pendant – Egyptian Jewellery – Bonus Price

  • is made from lead-free English pewter
  • Supplied on a full colour information card
  • is 22ct gold plated and is supplied on a waxed cord
  • has historical information on the reverse
  • A great way to teach children about history

Gold plated pewter wadjet eye supplied on a waxed cord. The information on the reverse of the card describes how animals were an important part of Egyptian life and many were seen as gods. Jewellery was very popular in Ancient Egypt, no matter the social class. It was heavy and rather voluminous. The Egyptians became very skilled when making jewellery from turquoise, metals like gold and silver, and small beads. Both men and women adorned themselves with earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and neck collars that were brightly coloured. Those who could not afford jewellery made from gold or other stones would make their jewellery from coloured pottery beads.

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Geologist’s Hammer (Pick Hammer with Vinyl Grip – Geologists Hammer E3) E3 13P/13P, Pointed Tip, Vinyl Grip – Cheap

Estwing Rock Pick Hammer with vinyl handles. Weight approx. 740 g, length: approx. 32 cm The Club Hammer made of the traditional American Hammer and hammers are forged of a single piece of high-grade. They are equipped with a leather handle or even a firmly attached to the handle of robust nylon vinyl grip. Pick hammers have a tip, scraper hammers a width blade. To protect against chipping if carelessly, we recommend the use of a protective glasses. Geologists Hammer (Estwing), pointed tip with vinyl grip. Weight About 740 g, length about 32 cm hammer by the traditional US Company are made of one piece. Both, leather grips, and the extremely durable nylon vinyl grips are available. The two basic constructions are equipped either with a chisel edge or a pointed tip. In order to protect your eyes against chipped off particles We recommend to wear safety goggles.

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Constantine Follis Replica – Sale Item

  • Fine Replica Coin of Constantine I
  • The obverse shows the military gate with guard
  • Authentically replicated
  • Weight and dimensions exactly as the original
  • Ideal for teaching students

Constantine I. Follis Replica This reproduction Follis coins with the laureate bust of Constantine I on the obverse and a military gate with guard on the reverse is a marvellous replica of an original. This Roman Coin is great for students, teachers, people of all ages, collectors, gamers and living history groups. The reproduction coins have the same weight, metal alloy and fineness in detail, as the originals from the historical era. Key Features •Replica Historical Coins •Great for Students, Professors, Teachers, Kids, Collectors Gamers and History Groups •Made From Pewter, Antiqued Plated •Cast From Original

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