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Apple CEO Tim Cook meets Narendra Modi, launches update of his mobile app

Apple s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook met1 Narendra Modi in Delhi on Saturday and launched an updated version of the prime minister s app. The app, Narendra Modi mobile app , contains a new feature that allows citizens to share their views and volunteer, under the My Network section, Economic Times reported2. Cook was expected to discuss bringing in Apple retails stores into the country, as well as selling refurbished iPhones. The Centre had not granted the company permission to sell refurbished iPhones earlier, stressing on its Make in India initiative. Cook is on his first official trip to India, and was in Mumbai on Wednesday, where he met Reliance chief Mukesh Ambani s son Anant Ambani.

On Thursday, he was in Hyderabad to inaugurate the company s new facility in Waverock campus, India Today reported.


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Urdu DVDs for children – Learn Urdu for kids DVD Set (6 DVDs)

Dino Lingo Urdu for Kids is a Urdu language learning set where cartoon dinosaur characters introduce the most common 200 words and phrases in Urdu.

For sample videos, go to:

This set consists of 6 DVDs DVD 1 – Let’s count: numbers, colors and animals DVD 2 – Let’s eat: food, fruit and vegetables DVD 3 – Let’s play: toys, house items, vehicles DVD 4 – Let’s jump: verbs, actions and nature DVD 5 – Let’s learn: family, body parts, and clothes Kids favorite animal sections included in all DVDs. DVD 6 – Let’s Dance

After watching these Urdu learning videos several times, most babies and small children can easily name everyday objects and understand basic phrases such as “hello”, “how are you”, “good”, “what’s this?” in Urdu. Dino Lingo Urdu for Kids is ideal to foster toddler’s cognitive development. Dino Lingo is available for kids in all ages and the program can be effective for ages up to 7.

-High-Pitched Female Voices- Scientific studies show that babies and young children identify best with high-pitched voices, otherwise known as mother ease or child-directed speech. We have worked with female and child actors with high-pitched vocals.

Urdu words used in this program are presented to the listener in at least 4 different contexts. In addition, unlike other programs

This DVD works in UK, Australia, Europe, and most of Asia.

Note: USA, Canada and Japan customers, please order our other Urdu for kids standard, deluxe and DVD sets (Region=0 worldwide) version

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