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Monsuno Serie 1 – 2 Core Starter-Set with Lock #01, Evo #09, 2 Cores and 6 Cards – Mega Discount

  • Spin your Monsuno core into Action.
  • Monsuno Core Combat 2-Packs are the ultimate gift or collector fanatic item.
  • Comes with 2 Monsuno Cores, 2 Action Figures, 6 Collector Game Cards!
  • Transform into Battle with all-new Monsuno Cores and Transforming Action Figures.
  • 32 cores to collect in 3 different styles.

Monsuno Core Combat 2-Packs equip you with double the Monsuno action. Increase your collection, or Spin-Impact-Battle it out with friends. Each 2-pack comes with 2 collectible Monsuno cores, 2 transforming action figures and 6 collector game cards.

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