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Mark My Words by Ken Driscoll – Book – Sale

A complete booklet of codes, marking systems, effects, and ideas using, business cards, clipboards, paper bags, envelopes, playing cards, rubber bands, and much much more. Bonus Ideas: -MarKEN your bicycle deck in style: A fantastic card marking system that you can use immediately. -Write-write: An original effect in which letters are randomly called out by your volunteers in order to form a work, in the end you will show that the word formed by the audience matches your word. All you need for this effect is a pen and a business card. As much fun to read and imagine as it is to use!

Wooden Animal Model Kid Twistable Puppet Creative Decor,Cow(4*9*9 cm)

  • It can stand and can be twist.
  • This product is multifunctional ,it can be a kid’s toy or a creative home decor.
  • Woodwork,it is environmentally friendly.
  • It is so cute that children will like it .
  • Teacher can use it to teach.

Ships from Hong Kong. This product is woodwork.It can be a kid’s toy ,a creative home decor or a teaching tool.It is so cute that children will like it.

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