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Smoby 840200 Adventure Car – Sale Item

Features include; A driving post with wheel. Electronic horn. 2 functional car doors. 1 sand pit with a protection lid/ Removable box. 1 slide (slide lenght 1,5m) with a ergonomic ladder and non-skid steps. Anti-UV treatment. Made in France. Size: 233 x 68 x 91cm.

  • A car with 3 activities, a driving post with wheel, electronic horn, key + 2 functional car doors. 1 sand pit with a protection lid/ Removable box easy to clean
  • integral slide (slide length 1, 5m) ladder with non-skid steps.
  • Made in France. Size: 233x 68x 91cm

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Wooden Horse (Equestrian vaulting horse) DAKOTA Wild Horse, handmade in Germany, branded toys of the highest quality from wildkinder, robust, stable, secure, the perfect gift for girls, for outdoors and indoors, delivered pre-assembled, simple construction, color: Dark brown rosewood with blond mane. (Dark brown rosewood) – Price Special


Brand quality handmade in Germany. Skilled craftsmen have been building this toy for years for indoors and outdoors. Simple, distinct forms nurture the creativity and imagination of kids. Combined with physical activity in the open air, it is a great boost to the well-being and motor development. It has been proven in many studies. The wildkinder brand specializes on the natural development of children. Feel free to contact us on Amazon or

  • ✅BRAND QUALITY HAND MADE IN GERMANY: No cheap imports. Skilled craftsmen manufacture the wooden horse/Equestrian vaulting horse by hand from wood. Many of these horses have already been weatherproof in gardens for years (special toy glaze).
  • ✅ KIDS LOVE IT: All girls want a horse, ours is the best alternative to a real horse. And the cowboy boys also love Dakota. The natural forms without too much details nurtures the creativity and imagination of children. At the same time the kids are physically active and improve their motor skills in open air.
  • ✅SAFE, STABLE, DURABLE: The head is made of waterproof glued WISA spruce plywood. The legs are made from robust spruce construction timber (7.5 cm × 6) and are slanted to the ground for optimum stability. The body made of larch is also braced in order to provide maximum stability. All edges are rounded or beveled and prevent any injury. The movable head is made such that the hinges don’t pose any threat of injury.
  • ✅ DIMENSIONS: Seat height or Height: 105 cm / head height: 134 cm / Length: 90cm / Seat width: 45 cm. These measures have proven to be ideal for both younger and older children. Do not underestimate DAKOTA, it’s big. Even an adult of 1.90 meters can sit on DAKOTA without his feet touching the ground. So DAKOTA is not boring when the kids grow older.
  • ✅ AGE RECOMMENDATIONS: Children playing with DAKOTA should be at least three years old. NOTE: they cannot of course get on the horse without help. They need an aid or even older children or adults to help them. Most children from six years old can get on the horse by themselves. Even children of 11-12 years still get much excitement playing with DAKOTA. PLEASE NOTE ALL LEGAL WARNINGS BELOW, IN THE MANUAL OR ON OUR WEBSITE WILDKINDER.COM.

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