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Xiaomi’s next flagship phone might have an in-display fingerprint sensor

We’ve been seeing rumblings of Xiaomi’s next flagship smartphone, which would be a regular development, until a video uploaded to YouTube teased that the upcoming device — dubbed the Mi 8 — will have an in-display fingerprint sensor.

The Mi 8 is supposed to be the sequel to last year’s Mi 6 — it’s not totally clear why, but the rumor is Xiaomi will skip the Mi 7. Xiaomi has had two other high-end phones since then, the Mi Mix 2 and Mi Mix 2S, which both feature larger displays. But it comes as no surprise that they’d experiment between product cycles before settling on a new flagship.

Other features planned for the Chinese Android manufacturer’s flagship include a 3D facial recognition unlocking feature, the Snapdragon 845 chipset with up to 8GB RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 4,000mAh battery with support for wireless charging.

[embedded content]

The video is brief, so we really can’t see what’s going on within the interface, except for the in-display fingerprint login.

Also seen in the video is what appears to be version nine of the MIUI, the family of custom skins by Xiaomi made for their Android phones.

In-display fingerprint technology is still very new and starting to proliferate, with some of the first examples being the Vivo X20 and the Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS.

The Best Mobile Phone Contract Deals in May 2018

Are you after a mobile phone contract, but being quoted extortionate prices? Buckle up and look no further. We’ve gathered market-leading mobile phone contract deals for all the best phones and rounded them up into one roundup.

These deals will be updated throughout May so make sure you’re prepared to snag a bargain. This week sees a range of exclusive price-drop deals on the Samsung Galaxy S9[1], and the iPhone 8[2] in its dazzling new red incarnation.

The Best Mobile Phone Contract Deals

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Samsung Galaxy S9 (Read our review)[3]

Vodafone, 4GB, GBP23 per month, GBP175 upfront. See this deal here.[4] Vodafone, 16GB, GBP30 per month, GBP125 upfront. See this deal here.[5]

O2, 10GB, GBP34 per month, GBP50 upfront. See this deal here.[6] O2, 30GB, GBP34 per month, GBP75 upfront. See this deal here.[7]

iPhone 8 64GB (Read our review)[8]

Vodafone, 16GB, GBP30 per month, GBP165 upfront. See this deal here.[9]

iPhone 8 RED (Read our review)[10]

Vodafone, GBP30 per month, 16GB data, GBP165 upfront cost. See this deal here.[11] Vodafone, GBP36 per month, 16GB data, GBP150 upfront. See this deal here.[12]

iPhone X 64GB (Read our review)[13]

Vodafone, GBP49 per month, 16GB, GBP275 upfront. See this deal here.[14]

O2, GBP66 per month, 25GB, GBP110 upfront. See this deal here.[15]

Honor 10 128GB (Read our review)[16]

Three, GBP52 per month, Unlimited Data, FREE handset. See this deal here.[17] Three, GBP49 per month, 100GB, FREE handset. See this deal here.[18] Three, GBP40 per month, 30GB, FREE handset. See this deal here.[19]

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OnePlus 6 128GB Mirror Black (Read our review)[21]

02, GBP48 per month, 8GB, GBP19.99 upfront cost. See this deal here.[22]

02, GBP52 per month, 30GB, GBP9.99 upfront cost. See this deal here.[23]

OnePlus 6 64GB Mirror Black (Read our review)[24]

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OnePlus 6 128GB Midnight Black (Read our review)[27]

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02, GBP52 per month, 30GB, GBP9.99 upfront cost. See this deal here.[29]

Huawei P20 (Read our review)[30]

Vodafone, GBP23 per month, 4GB data, GBP135 upfront cost. See this deal here.[31]

Huawei P20 Pro (Read our review)[32]

02, GBP34 per month, 10GB data, GBP100 upfront cost. See this deal here.[33]

iPhone 7 32GB (Read our review)[34]

Vodafone, GBP18 per month, 1GB, GBP150 upfront. See this deal here.[35]

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iPhone 6 32 GB (Read our review)[37]

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Nokia 8

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LG’s V30S ThinQ will cost $930 in the US

LG announced a storage and memory update to its V30 phone earlier this year at Mobile World Congress, and only now are we getting an idea of what the device might cost in the US. B&H has listed the 128GB version of the V30S ThinQ for £929.99. We don’t yet have pricing for the 256GB version.

We’ve reached out to LG for confirmation, but the company did confirm the price with CNET. The original V30 Plus with 128GB of storage cost £912 in the US.

The V30S ThinQ features the exact same hardware as the V30. The only difference between the two devices is more memory (4GB to 6GB) and larger storage options (a choice between 64GB or 128GB of storage to 128GB or 256GB).

The phone also ships with LG’s new AI Cam, which is supposed to identify objects in a photo and optimize it for a given scene. Those features are coming to older V30 phones, however, and should be rolling out soon. Verizon devices already appear to have received it.

Basically, you’re paying a little extra for more memory and a newer device.

On top of that, LG just announced another new phone with those same AI Cam features: the LG G7 ThinQ.

We don’t have pricing on it yet, but that’s a lot of phones with a lot of similar features around, presumably, the same price point.

I don’t get what LG is doing.

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