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Toogou Android 7.1 Car 7 inch Universal 2DIN Car Stereo GPS Navigation Wifi Radio Bluetooth USB Audio Player Steering Wheel Control – Discounted

Key Features:

7 “Universal 2Din integrated design using the latest Android 7.0.1 operating system, 1024 * 600 high-definition capacitive touch screen, quad-core x86 1200MHz CPU, 1GB memory and 16GB internal storage, and built-in DVR system, just connect the USB camera can be used Car record function, the record will be automatically saved in the Nand Flash / GPS card / USB memory, you can play directly on the machine to save the record, support iPhone and Android phone interconnection, the most popular and most powerful .


– Online support for Google Maps browsing, if you are on the Internet, you can use GPS navigation

– Supports Android multimedia player, can play music / movies / photos from local CD or USB.

– online entertainment, support online video, tv, movies, music, radio, youtube, yahoo, msn

– Online communication, through WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Gmail and other services to keep in touch

– support the Google Play store where you can download thousands of apps where you can download many popular games(Like fruit ninja, fed candy, angry bird, wild man)

– Supports HD video up to 1920 * 1080 pixels, up to 4096 * 4096 pixels

– Supports Bluetooth handsfree, built-in microphone and external microphone jack.

– Download phone book function, you can download contact information from the phone to the machine

– support the latest phone book search, you can download the phone book to search and find contacts,

Just enter the first letter of the name and you will find some associated names, then you can choose the correct name.

– FM / AM: 30 preset stations (FM: 3 * 6, AM: 2 * 6)

– Supports rear view camera input and reverse trigger control

– Support steering wheel control, hand brake control.

  • ✔ LASTEST ANDROID 7.1 OS + POWERFUL HARDWARE: Build-in QUAD-CORE T3 K2001M(ARM COTEX-A7=high effect and low consumption version of ARM Cortex-A15, much better than COTEX-A9 ) 1.6 GHz CPU,1GB DDR3 RAM,16GB NAND Memory and Wifi,Bluetooth,GPS module.
  • ✔ MULTIPURPOSE MULTIMEDIA CENTER:The stereo,with 7 inch BIG screen and 1024*600 high resolution, supports USB drive input with dual USB extension cable, maximum 1T U Disk capacity expansion supported, Support mirror link for iPhone & Android Smartphones,support to connect any WI-FI hotspots.
  • ✔ RELIABLE GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM:Suppport GPS and AGPS navigation. Download your favorite navigation app to and offline map into the stereo. The navigation system leads you to the destination you like.
  • ✔ YOUR BEST ASSISTANT FOR DRIVING:The stereo supports to download most video and music APPs from the store, it is easy for you to watch movies or enjoy your musics online or from USB flash disk, but please note that the stereo is NOT A DVD OR CD PLAYER, as an android stereo, there is no traditional shutdown mode, but allowed to switch to the sleep mode to reduce your power consumption by long pressing the touch sensor power button.
  • ✔ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE:We offer 1-Month Money Back Guarantee,1-Year Warranty & Specific installation tutorial.We supply detailed user manual, and FAQ. 24-hour technical support before purchase and after sales.

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The Asus ZenBook Pro and five other great laptop innovations

Asus has announced the ZenBook Pro – its most unusual looking laptop in years. Featuring ‘ScreenPad’ (more on this below), this 5.5-inch full colour touchscreen could be the evolution of the touchpad as we know it. The recently-revealed ZenBook Pro 15 580GD left some mouths agape when it first appeared.

This sleek multimedia laptop is going toe to toe with the ever-popular Dell XPS 15[1] and 15-inch MacBook Pro, but up against such strong competition Asus has pulled out all the stops to make its laptop stand out from the premium notebook crowd. We run through its key features to see if it ticks the most important boxes elsewhere, and are also taking a trip back through history to look at some other unusual laptop innovations that eventually made it to market. Best Buy laptop reviews[2] – innovations or no, take a look at the models that impressed us the most.

Asus ZenBook Pro debuts ScreenPad – a 5.5-inch touchscreen

First, the headline grabber: The touchpad, normally a blank patch of smooth metal or plastic, is a fully-fledged 5.5-inch touchscreen that Asus is calling the ScreenPad.

This isn’t just some gimmick; this panel can be used both as a way to control apps such as music players, the calculator, Microsoft Word and more, or it can be used as a second monitor for any app you fancy. This means you can drag any window you’re currently using on the main screen, and move it onto the ScreenPad. This makes particular sense if you like watching videos while doing other things; you can now have a tiny video player on the ScreenPad while getting on with other work.

[embedded content] How well it works in the long term remains to be seen, but given this laptop will shortly be on sale, we won’t have long to find out. Elsewhere, though, the ZenBook Pro 15 UX580GD packs impressive specifications, including a choice of quad- or six-core Intel Core i5, i7 or i9 processors, up to 16GB of Ram and a dedicated graphics card in the form of Nvidia’s GTX 1050.

There’s a choice of either a Full-HD or Ultra-HD screen, the latter is tuned for professional colour accuracy before being shipped. There will also be a choice of storage, topping out at a 1TB SSD. The laptop is expected to go on sale in the Autumn and is expected to cost from around GBP1,500.

Laptop history: Five other innovative notebooks that made it to store shelves

Asus is far from the first to surprise people with a clever laptop design.

History is littered with notebooks that broke from the norm, with mixed levels of success.

1995: IBM ThinkPad 701c ‘Butterfly’

Image: Mikebabb/Wikipedia, Creative Commons

The so-called ‘Butterfly’ keyboard on the IBM 701c was a technical necessity, but a beautiful one at that. With the desire for ultra-compact laptops, IBM wanted to overcome the issue of such small keyboards being hard to type on. The solution was the almost impossibly elegant butterfly, mechanism, which saw the two separate halves of the keyboard sliding away from one another and locking into place to create a wider, more comfortable keyboard layout.

This allowed for a full-size keyboard on a laptop with just a 10.4-inch screen. The laptop reportedly sold extremely well, but ultimately the mechanism proved to be unnecessary in future laptops because manufacturers went with larger screen sizes, meaning the keyboard was usually large enough to be comfortable without being expanded. [embedded content]

2011 onwards: Phones as laptops

In 2011, Motorola found itself at the leading edge of laptop/smartphone hybrid designs, with its ‘Lapdock’ (pictured) product that actually went on sale.

You’d connect a phone to an otherwise ‘dumb’ keyboard and screen, and get a cutdown laptop experience.

More recent efforts from Microsoft have even gone as far as creating a fully-fledged Windows 10 computer from a Windows smartphone connected via USB. Microsoft has since dropped Windows Phone altogether. Most recently, Razer’s Project Linda[3] puts the smartphone front and centre, allowing you to drop its Razer Phone straight into the touchpad portion of its concept laptop.

2012: Razer Blade – Touchpad screen with customisable buttons

Thought the Asus ZenBook Pro was the first of its kind? Wrong. Gaming brand Razer was doing something similar six years ago with its lightweight Blade laptop.

While Razer’s effort couldn’t act as a second monitor, it could run smartphone-style apps, such as YouTube and Gmail. Not only that, each of the eight buttons situated next to it were themselves tiny screens, allowing you to add custom icons depending on the function you had assigned to them. Razer dropped this feature from subsequent Razer Blade models.

[embedded content]

2016: MacBook Pro – Touch bar

Introduced in late 2016, Apple’s Touch Bar replaces the ‘F’ keys on the top row of the keyboard on some MacBook Pro[4] models. A tiny sliver of high-quality OLED screen adapts to whatever program you’re using. This means it will change depending on what you need it for – displaying colour palettes, emoji icons in iMessage and so on.

The verdict from reviewers has been mixed.

Our review, for example, said: ‘Once the novelty wears off, the Touch Bar currently feels more like an annoyance than a genuine selling point – especially for touch typists or people who know their Apple keyboard extremely well.’ [embedded content]

2016: Lenovo Yoga Book

The Lenovo Yoga Book was another surprise innovation when it was revealed in September 2016. This remarkable machine has a virtual keyboard that can be turned off entirely, turning the empty space into a functional drawing tablet.

This model was pitched at note takers and artists alike, and was sold in both Windows 10 and Android configurations. Read our Lenovo Yoga Book Android review[5] for more.

Lenovo hasn’t announced any successors to this machine, but it’s unclear whether it was enough of a success to warrant one.

The future: Project Precog?

This month Asus also revealed its Project Precog, dual-screen laptop. The sci-fi-sounding ‘precog’ refers to the laptop’s claimed AI-enhanced ability to work out what tasks you want to be doing, and be ready before you even have to ask.

A basic example is that the virtual, onscreen keyboard and touchpad will disappear when you plug in a USB mouse and keyboard, giving you more space to get things done. Plenty of patents for similar devices have been floating around for years, including several notable designs from Apple[6]. Asus says it’s planning to launch a laptop based on Precog in 2019, so it could beat Apple to the punch on this one.

For slightly more conventional laptop buying advice, read our guide on how to buy the best laptop[7].


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Pumpkin Android 8.0 Car Stereo DVD Player for Ford Focus Mondeo Galaxy S-max,Fast-boot Car Radio with Sat Nav – Support GPS, DAB+ WIFI,Subwoofer,Mirro Link and AV Out (Black)

Specifications:OS: Android 8.0 OreoCPU: 8-Core 64-bit CPU Coretex-A53 @1.5G RAM: 4GBNand Memory: 32GBBoot time: about 1s (2nd time)Bluetooth: BT 4.0Screen: 7-Inch Digital Touch Screen with 1024*600 ResolutionMulti-color button light

Extra devices requiredDAB (Optional – search ASIN:B078M4VRQQ)Autoplay (Optional – B07CZ9M3XN)Front USB DVR Camera (Optional – search ASIN:B00ZTCIJVG)Rear Camera (Optional – search pumpkin camera)OBD (Optional – search ASIN:B07CV74XZR)

GPS (map card not included)Support both Online and Offline gps sat navigationVoice Guidance: Yes; 3D Map: YesSupport radio/Bluetooth/USB/SD playback while navigating

Mirror Link (offer updated often)For Android phone, you can mirror and control on the unit via USB connectionFor iPhone, you can just mirror on the unit via wifi connection, cannot control

SWCChange the track, volume, etc. convenientlyDVD (Support all formats)DVD drive: Region FreeUSB/SDBuilt in USB Port/Micro SD Card Slot: Can support up to 64GB (No format limitation)Support Audio Formats: MP3/WMA/WAV/APE/FLAC/OGG/AC3, etcSupport Video Formats: RMVB/AVI/MPG/MPEG/VOB/MOV/ASF/FLV/3GP/MP4, etc

AV OutputOutput almost everything to your headrests, even the video from USB/SD /online youtube videoMany head units in the market can only output the DVD video to the headrest Hey, Come on , Just Click “Add to Basket” to get this newest & fashinable Android Double Din Car Stereo for a new experience life.

  • The Newest 8.0 double din head unit for ford mondeo (2007-2011),ford focus(2008-2010), ford galaxy (2010-2012), ford s-max (2008-2012). Normally Plug&Play
  • Android 8.0 car radio with CD DVD Player: latest, fastest, responsive OS, 4GB RAM for faster and smoother operation speed, 32GB ROM for more apps and files stored, achieves ultra-fast running speeds with efficient multi-task processing ability.
  • Specially: Support Android Auto,WIFI/4G internet,online and offline gps navigation apps, Subwoofer audio output and separate control. Built in USB Port/ Micro SD Slot(up to 128GB)
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We offer 1-Month Money Back Guarantee,18-Month Warranty & Specific installation tutorial(Contact us). We apply detailed user manual. 24-hour technical support before purchase and after sales
  • Package Content: Car Stereo,Power Cable with Canbus,External Microphone,3G/USB+Mic Cable,Audio Output Cable, WiFi Antenna, GPS Antenna,Mini USB Cable, AUX Input Cable, Cam In Cable, Radio Adapter, User Manual

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