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YouTube live streaming gets easier from computers and phones

YouTube’s new Live streaming feature for Chrome browsers is available now to try for yourself. The feature allows users to easily set up a live stream from their computer without any additional equipment, and the tool is due to roll out to other browsers “soon.” YouTube says it will also allow live streaming directly from the camera app on select devices from Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and more in the coming months. The ability to instantly create live video streams is a feature users of Instagram and Facebook have long enjoyed.

To access the new live streaming feature, just go to the YouTube Live dashboard or click on the camera icon in the top header of the site and select “go live.” Before you can use live streaming though, YouTube will need to verify your identity with a phone number and make sure you’re in “good standing.” YouTube says it may take up to 24 hours before you get access to live streaming, but once you’ve been verified, you can go live instantly.

It should be noted that YouTube already has live streaming capabilities, including through its iOS and Android apps, but today’s announcement makes the process easier, and without the need for an encoder.

The new feature means more people can easily stream and become content creators.

Naturally, the prospect of live videos raises questions about the quality of all this new content. The platform has suffered through recent scandals including Logan Paul’s video which showed a suicide victim (sparking a fierce backlash), and inappropriate children’s videos. Those instances call into question how creators will use the new live feature, and if it makes the video platform more susceptible to inappropriate and controversial content, especially when those videos are playing live and unedited.

YouTube says creators who have been testing the new tool have primarily been using it for beauty tutorials, product reviews, and personal updates for their followers.

Let’s hope against hope that live videos on the platform will remain this benign.

L’Oreal acquires Modiface, a major AR beauty company

L’Oreal announced today that it has acquired Modiface, a company that’s had a hand in the creation of many custom augmented reality beauty apps, including those from Sephora and Estee Lauder. L’Oreal didn’t disclose the amount spent, but it did tell Reuters that it now owns Modiface’s numerous patents that help users visualize makeup and hairstyles on themselves. The partnership makes sense in that Modiface has already worked with L’Oreal multiple times, including on the launch of its Style My Hair mobile app, which lets users try on different hairstyles.

For that app, Modiface manually annotated 22,000 facial images to create the experience.

AR has become an important part of the beauty industry. Meitu, a China-based company with an AR makeup app, is worth billions of dollars. Multiple brands have launched AR tools, and it’s easy to imagine the apps coming in handy when smart mirrors eventually become a thing.

L’Oreal has launched multiple gadgets, too, like a UV nail sensor at CES this year.

Given that many of these makeup companies have relied on Modiface to launch their AR apps, the acquisition gives L’Oreal a major leg up on its competitors who will now have to find another company that’s thinking about AR beauty.

Lee Stafford hair straightener recalled

Celebrity beauty brand Lee Stafford has recalled its Lee Stafford Coco Loco Hair Straightener today after reports it could cause an electrical shock. In two instances, the mains swivel connection has failed allowing the mains lead to pull out from the straightener. This fault in the product could result in an electrical shock if you’re using it.

How can I check if I have an affected model?

The model reference for the affected Lee Stafford Coco Loco Hair Straightener is LSHS15 and the batch code is 1623.

You can find the model reference and batch code on the lower half of the straightener handle inside, printed onto the rating plate. No other Lee Stafford Coco Loco product is reported to be affected by this recall.

Contact the manufacturer

If you believe you have the affected product, you are advised to stop using it immediately until it has been checked by the manufacturer. Contact MPL Customer Service if you have an affected model:

MPL Customer Service: 03454676743 Email:[1] The manufacturer of the product should also communicate with you about the recall and state how it will work.

Demand action on dangerous products

Dangerous products in Britain’s homes are putting millions of people at risk.

Enough is enough. The UK’s product safety regime needs urgent reform to protect our families and friends. Sign our petition and take a stand against unsafe products.[2]

Get a refund, repair or replacement

If you become aware that a product you own has been recalled or has any safety notice issued against it, you have product recall rights[3].

You shouldn’t be charged for any recall work, such as a repair to your machine or collection of the product. You should be offered a refund, repair or replacement for your faulty product[4].

Your rights if you’ve suffered injury from the straighteners

According to the Consumer Protection Act 1987, anyone who is harmed by an unsafe product can sue the manufacturer – even if you didn’t buy the product yourself. You can sue for compensation for death or injury.

You can also sue for damage or loss of private property caused by faulty goods if the damage amounts to at least GBP275.

Read our guide on the Consumer Protection Act[5] for more information on your right to claim compensation if you’ve suffered injury as a result of a faulty product.


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