Breath Analyzers

ACE breathalyser AL5500

ACE breathalyser AL5500, plus digital breathalyser with revised sensor technology from 2017, blood alcohol tester, suitable for private individuals, for example when on holiday in France: Car & Motorbike

SALE PRICE: £60.57 ACE AL5500 +: A modern breathalyser with revised sensor technology and a futuristic, compact design. Trust the quality of ACE: We have more than ten years of experience in the development and distribution of alcohol testers! EASY...

OKVOR Alcohol Tester

OKVOR Alcohol Tester, Semiconductor High Accurate Measurement Breathalyzer Recyclable Portable Professional Fast Respond Breathalyzer with Digital LCD Screen,10 Mouthpieces and 1 Store Bag: Car & Motorbike

SALE PRICE: £12.99 【Professional Exactly Breathalyzer Alkohol The breathalyzer is based on high sensitivity and advanced semiconductor sensor technology, and the accuracy can reach 100%. Multiple units of measure (g / l,% BAC). It can give you high-precision test results...