The world and its wonders at your fingertips

Summer may be over but the great outdoors still beckons so here are some wild and wonderful books that will inspire children to put away their hi-tech toys and enjoy a natural world of discovery, wildlife and adventure.
Age 7 plus:

National Trust: 20…

Must have toys for Christmas revealed for 2018

It’s not even Halloween yet but some people may already be thinking about Christmas – especially if they have kids.
Every years there is a new toy that every child wants on their Christmas list.
Last Christmas children wanted the LOL Surprise Dolls and…

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit review: An astoundingly creative toy with little replayability

Following on from the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit and Robot Kit, originally released for the Nintendo Switch back in April, the Nintendo Vehicle Kit comes as somewhat of a surprise.
Although Nintendo’s[1] incredibly unique series really does turn the con…

WRS Health

While the phrase “Necessity is the mother of invention” might sound trite, it really was the primary motivation for the creation of Editors’ Choice WRS Health (which begins at $274 per month per doctor for the basic clinical package). The company was …