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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Comes With Resolution And Frame Rate Presets

While it s fun to look at how far things have come on consoles and home PCs, the reality is the most rapid growth in computing power is happening on mobiles. That was made evidently clear at the World Mobile Congress, with Samsung showing off a feature in their latest Galaxy S7 that would fit right at home with any PC.

According to Gizmodo Australia s Campbell Simpson,1 who s currently in Barcelona for the trade show, the Galaxy S7 now comes with a Game Launcher that combines all game downloads into a quick access folder on the home screen or app page (much like how some phones now group all Google apps into a single folder). But the most interesting element of Samsung s Game Launcher is the PC-like Game Tools.

I ll let Simpson s words do the talking:

It s more than a folder, though; the Game Launcher also allows access to Samsung s Game Tools, where users can choose from four resolution and frame rate presets that it says can significantly lower power consumption when playing by up to 15 per cent in some cases.

You can read the rest of Simpson s hands-on with the Galaxy S7, where he talks about the improved camera, understated design and the improved battery life, over at Gizmodo.2

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Sony teases Mobile World Congress 2016 Announcements

The MWC 2016 will bring new Sony mobile devices. Watch the teaser below.

Sony will host a media event at the Mobile World Congress 2016 on Feb.

22, 8:30am CET. Sony released a teaser that makes a “Prediction.” The teaser does not reveal anything product related. It ends with the date and time of the media event. embedded content

The Sony MWC 2016 teaser does not make any big claims like the Nokia MWC teaser video1 that promises the biggest thing you’ll ever see.

The Mobile World Congress 2016 will kick off Feb.

22 in Barcelona. The GSMA organizes the MWC. The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, uniting nearly 800 operators with more than 250 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and internet companies, as well as organizations in adjacent industry sectors.

In 2015, Mobile World Congress hosted more than 93,000 mobile professionals from 200 countries.Read the latest MWC 2016 news.2


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Midwife suspended for answering mobile phone while delivering baby

A midwife who took a call on her phone while helping deliver a baby1 has been suspended for three months. Doris Enemuwe put the patient at risk by rushing to answer her mobile in the maternity unit at St Thomas Hospital in Lambeth. Enemuwe failed to show any compassion while carrying out her job and told the woman she did not know what she was talking about when she said she was having a contraction.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council2 found Enemuwe had used the phone and made disparaging comments to the mother and suspended her for three months.

The woman, referred to as Patient A, was admitted to the hospital3 on September 14, 2012 and placed in Enemuwe s care. Matthew Cassells, for the NMC, said: “She denied Patient A was having a contraction by saying words to Patient A to the effect of you don t know what you re talking about .

“The registrant responded to Patient A s request for advice in respect to breastfeeding4 by initially saying what do you want now .”

PA Hospital: St Thomas’ in Lambeth

Patient A told the hearing how Enemuwe was between her legs during labour when the midwife stopped what she was doing to answer her ringing phone.

“I heard her mobile phone ring, I think it must have been in her pocket.

“She rushed to answer the call and stopped what she was doing.

“When your life is depending on someone and that person is on the phone you will know it.”

A student doctor said Enemuwe even asked him to answer her phone for her if it rang. The patient described Enemuwe s manner as really harsh and told the panel that the midwife made her feel horrible, vulnerable, scared and hurt .

Enemuwe denied the allegations against her throughout but ultimately the NMC panel found her version of accounts to be wrong.

Read more: Dad delivers baby in sink after hospital told couple to wait at home5

The panel took into account Enemuwe s lengthy career and her willingness to keep up with nursing practices when deciding which sanction would be most appropriate.

Martin Griffiths, chair of the panel, said: “In using your mobile phone from time to time during your care of Patient A, including abandoning procedures to take calls, you placed Patient A at risk of harm, by not holding her as your first and only concern.

“In ignoring and denying Patient A s assessment of her own condition, you further placed Patient A at unwarranted risk of harm.

“The panel also concluded that you had caused actual psychological harm to Patient A; she said that the accusatory and rude language you had used towards her caused serious emotional trauma .

“As you denied the matters found proved, you demonstrated no reflection on your misconduct and you showed no remorse.

“It would appear, on the basis of your long, professional career, that this conduct was out of character for you.

“The panel was therefore satisfied that a period of suspension would be sufficient to protect patients and satisfy the public interest.”

Enemuwe, who was present throughout the hearing, has now been suspended for three months and handed an 18-month interim order.


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