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Ultra-thin Handheld Portable Fan – White with Black – Mobile phone size mini travel fan – Mini USB Rechargeable Fan

Having trouble with long hot summers ? Afraid it’ll never end ? You need a new portable mini fan air condition unit.

Ah the old mini fan. Didn’t you always want one when you were a kid. Didn’t we seem to have long hot summers in need of a go anywhere micro fan.

It’s just a mini fan do I hear you say ? Well there are fans and there are fans.

Get it now before the few days of summer are gone again – you may never get another chance like this.

Small compact and very portable just what you need but easy to carry

Comes complete with USB cable.

Ultra-thin, Simple Design

Long Service Life


Powered by DC 5V / 500mA Lithium Battery

Battery model: BL-5C

Accessories: UCB Charge Cable x 1, Lanyard x 1

There is a chargeable lithium battery inside, charging for 5 hours, it can keep working for 1 hour per charge

Please make sure to rest the fan on it’s back or side so the input vent on the front is not covered.

  • Ultra-thin, Simple Design
  • USB Recharegeable
  • Long Service Life
  • Includes USB cable and lanyard
  • Lightweight

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Cassette player (PC Compatible 218-2)

Nothing compares with this feeling, these memories from these years of youth that rise up when you press the play button!

Your favorite cassettes, these mixed tapes that bring you back in time, have a great mental value for you.

This unique tape to MP3 converter works as a Walkman and you can to listen to your vintage music but it also allows you to convert & save it in a more secure way, by turning these songs to MP3 format.

The AUX jack enables listening with your earphones or your stereo for a vintage music experience and it is compatible with your PC’s operating system.

This is a great gift idea for everyone you know that lived his youth during the 70’s or the 80’s. Give them a chance to save and preserve their music in the modern age.

It is lightweight and its fitting size makes it 100% portable to have it with you wherever you go.

Enjoy your favorite music anywhere you like.

Product Features

• MP3 format converter

• Power supply by batteries or via USB

• USB Port

• PC operation system compatible

With Every Order You Shall Receive:

• User instructions

• USB cable

Please be informed that headphones are not included in the product. Please be prepared with your own headphones.

If any issue occurs regarding our product don’t hesitate to contact us!

Order & Get Your Reshow’s Cassette Player & MP3 Converter By Clicking The “Add To Cart” Button NOW!

  • DON’T THROW YOUR OLD CASSETTES AWAY – CONVERT THEM TO MP3: Yes, we are in 2017 and technology is moving forward, but your audio tape collection is priceless to you. There is no need to stop using them or throw them away. With this cassette player you can convert them to MP3 format and save your favorite songs mix forever.
  • EXTENDED COMPATIBILITY AND VERSATILITY: Reshow’s cassette player offers a versatile choice regarding the audio output. AUX jack enables you to hear music on your stereo, headphones or any other speaker system. This retro portable USB cassette to MP3 converter is also compatible with most of the operating systems for your convenience.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED: Upon delivery you will receive the necessary user instructions regarding the software functions, resistant & ergonomically designed headphones and the USB cable for simple & fast conversions. You can convert your old music tapes to MP3 to playback on MP3 player or burn to CD with no sweat.
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN WITH POWER SUPPLY OPTIONS: This amazing portable cassette to MP3 converter is designed to fit in virtually any bag or in your pocket and works perfectly as an old school, vintage Walkman. The AA batteries provide more than one hour working time, but it can also be powered via USB port to save more money.
  • HESITATIONS FREE PURCHASE: We, at Reshow, consider your needs satisfaction, as our top priority & that’s why we are offering only high quality products. Our confidence regarding our retro cassette player-converter is confirmed by our customers’ preference. If for any reason you feel otherwise with your purchase, contact us and we will be there for you.

Andrew James Chef Kitchen Blow Torch – Instant Ignition Refillable Butane Cooking Blowtorch 1300°C Adjustable Flame for Creme Brulee DIY and Hobby Use – Mega Discount

Easily add the perfect finishing touches to your culinary creations with the Andrew James Kitchen Blowtorch.

The super hot 1300°C (2500°F) flame can be adjusted to suit any task such as caramelising sugar on a creme brulee, crisping up a meringue or adding that flame grilled flavour to your steak. The anti-flare focused flame ensures all the heat goes directly where you need it, reducing the risk of accidents and saving you time and effort.

Get started straight away with the Piezo ignition system that gives you an instant flame. Once on your blowtorch operates continuously without you needing to hold in a trigger or button. You can simply turn the flame off by turning the dial down until it locks off.

Easy to Refill

With a 16g canister your blowtorch has been designed to maximise run times between refills. When you do need to top up the gas it is easy to do. Make sure the blowtorch is switched off and turn it upside down so you can see the base. The butane gas canister you are using to refill the blow torch simply fits into the socket that lets you fill up the torch’s gas chamber.

Designed with Safety in Mind

The Andrew James Blowtorch has been designed with your safety at its heart.

Counter Top Stand

It is supplied with a stable base stand for your worktop that will prevent you accidentally knocking it over whilst making sure it is close to hand and easy to grab when you do need it.

Integrated Hand Guard

The hand guard sits between the main body of the blowtorch and the flame to prevent the chance of the torch slipping down in your hand and burning you. It also makes it easier to hold the torch with full control over its use.

Safety Locking Feature

When not in use you can set the safety lock feature to ensure the torch doesn’t inadvertently ignite in a drawer or cupboard.

  • 1300°C ADJUSTABLE FOCUSED FLAME WITH INSTANT IGNITION; The Piezo Ignition gives you a one touch operation whilst the focused flame can be adjusted to suit the task at hand; The anti flare focused flame ensures all the heat goes directly where you need it
  • IDEAL FOR COOKING; A handy kitchen chef gadget which can be used to caramelise sugar on a creme brulee; to lightly toast meringues and to sear the outside of fresh fish
  • GREAT FOR DIY; Not just for use in the kitchen, it can also be used around the house for small DIY jobs such as minor plumbing repairs or for safely lighting BBQs and wood burners
  • EASY TO REFILL LARGE CAPACITY; The 16g Butane Gas capacity ensures your blowtorch has a long run time between refills; When you do need to top up it’s easy to get your new gas into the canister (Please note: Butane Gas not included)
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY; Shop in confidence knowing your Andrew James Kitchen Blow torch is fully covered by a manufacturer’s 2 year warranty

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