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Bill Gates and Masayoshi Son are backing a plan to have video cameras watch every inch of Earth from space

EarthNow, a new satellite project with some high-profile benefactors, aims to cover our entire planet in detailed, real-time video surveillance. The big names: The firm revealed Wednesday it’s backed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son, and Airbus, although the amount of money committed by each party was not yet clear. The details: According to the Wall Street Journal, the company plans to launch a network of about 500 satellites weighing 500 pounds apiece.

Each one will be equipped with some intense onboard computing power, which EarthNow says it will combine with planetside computers equipped with machine learning to interpret what its cameras capture in real time. Big brother is watching: Users will be able to get a live picture of anywhere on Earth with only about one second of delay. EarthNow has yet to divulge much in terms of details, including what the resolution of their images will be (kind of important when taking pictures from space).

But images will have to be detailed enough to at least be useful for some of the applications they propose, like catching illegal fishing, tracking whale migration, and observing conflict zones.

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Facebook is testing a way to let people watch video premieres in Facebook Live

Although the ability to publish pre-recorded video to Facebook Live has been an option for some time, it’s required the use of third-party programs like OBS and Wirecast. Now, Facebook is testing a feature called Premieres, which will let creators publish already-made videos to Facebook Live, as reported today by Engadget.

While there isn’t much information on Premieres yet, it appears to be angled toward content like movie trailers, Facebook Watch shows, and music videos, and it would come with Facebook Live functions like chat. Essentially, it’s a way for publishers to bring the experience of a television premiere or film trailer drop to Facebook, allowing people to experience a new video together in real time. “We’re testing this now with a group of diverse video creators, publishers, and shows,” Facebook’s Fidji Simo tells Deadline. “And we’ll be rolling this out more broadly soon.”

The ability to natively publish pre-recorded content would certainly make sense for Facebook, which has been expanding its stable of original series.

Facebook recently ordered a dramedy series starring Avengers: Infinity War star Elizabeth Olsen, as well as a 10-episode fairy tale horror series called Sacred Lies.

It’s reported that the company plans on spending up to £1 billion on original TV in 2018. The Verge has reached out to Facebook for comment on how exactly Premieres differs from the existing tools that let creators publish pre-recorded video to its Live platform.

Garmin Navigon sat nav apps to go off sale

Garmin’s Navigon sat nav apps are to be withdrawn from sale from 14 May, the company announced today. The move affects all of its vehicle navigation apps – the most relevant to UK users is Navigon Europe for Android[1] and iOS[2] devices. Garmin is citing ‘strategic reasons’ for the decision.

This will end a 25-year run for the German brand, which Garmin acquired in 2011. However, with a cost structure for the apps that included a hefty initial purchase price, as well as annual subscriptions for premium features such as live traffic services, it would appear to have struggled against a raft of free-to-download competition from the likes of Google[3] and Waze[4]. Top five sat nav apps for 2018[5] – find an easy-to-use alternative to Navigon for your smartphone.

Is my Garmin Navigon app affected?

Almost certainly – the only exception is a version of the software known as ‘Select’, which is only available in Germany.

If you’re currently using a Navigon app and have paid for ‘FreshMaps’, subscriptions or in-app features, these will continue to be available until the end of your current subscription, which are normally monthly or yearly. Users who took out the ‘Unlimited Navigation’ option will be able to use the service for a further two years. However, Navigon users will no longer be able to update subscriptions or make further in-app purchases after 14 May.

Android users beware

While iOS users won’t have to take any action at the end of their subscription, Garmin has warned that Android users will need to manually cancel it or risk being charged a renewal fee, despite support being dropped next month.

The brand has posted instructions on how to cancel subscriptions on its support site[6], which will continue to be available to app owners. Should you need to reset or change your phone, you’ll still be able to download and use the Navigon app from your app store library, provided you don’t change operating system (for instance from Apple to Android), as they are separate products. Can’t decide whether a smartphone app or dedicated sat nav unit would be the best solution for you?

Head to our guide to how to buy the best sat nav.[7]


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