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AI can spot your eye disease with 94.5 percent accuracy

Even more impressive, it can explain its choices. Explain yourself: The black box has long been a challenge in artificial intelligence. This refers to the tendency of algorithms to spit out results without explaining what went into them–and it can make weeding out bias difficult.

The news: In a paper released in Nature Medicine yesterday, DeepMind researchers described an AI system that can identify more than 50 diseases, refer them to a specialist, and, most important, indicate which portion of a medical scan prompted the diagnosis.

Why it matters: Explainability is crucial if AI is to see increased use in medicine. “Doctors and patients don’t want just a black box answer, they want to know why,” Ramesh Raskar, an associate professor at MIT, told Stat. “There is a standard of care, and if the AI technique doesn’t follow that standard of care, people are going to be uncomfortable with it.”

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Amazon’s one-day delivery promises may have been a little too good to be true

The company may be forced to remove its claim of one-day delivery in the UK. It all started last Christmas: Amazon faced hundreds of angry last-minute shoppers in 2017 that did not receive their packages in time for the big holiday. The news: The Advertising Standards Authority is reportedly planning to announce this week that the tech giant will need to strike all instances of its “unlimited one-day delivery” phrasing in ads.

It will be required to clearly indicate which products are eligible for the fast shipping times. A big deal: Amazon’s promise of one- or two-day delivery is a major draw for customers. Losing their trust in that feature could cause major damage to the company, which has a slew of competitors nipping at its heels.

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