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AT&T has launched a programmable LTE button for businesses

AT&T has introduced a new product called the LTE-M button, a programmable button that businesses can deploy to allow customers to place orders or send alerts.

The LTE-M button isn’t designed for consumers, but for businesses: it can be programmed and issued with a custom label — and ordered in quantities of 500.

AT&T says that each button will work for up to 1,500 clicks or for three years.

Engadget notes that the device sounds a bit like Amazon’s Dash buttons — branded devices that allow you to reorder a specific product with a click — and explains that the product runs on Amazon Web Services’ Internet of Things 1-Click service.

But unlike the Dash buttons, AT&T’s offerings connect to the carrier’s LTE-M network, and can be customized for whatever a company wants, such as soliciting feedback in public places, ordering specific products, or generating alerts for things like trash cans or oil tanks that need servicing, and more.

The company announced the devices back in November 2017, but they’re now available for the initial price of £29.99 each (it’ll jump to £35 after 5,000 are sold) — a bulk order of which will run companies £15,545 before taxes and shipping.

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