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Andrew James Defrosting Tray – Defrost Plate Thaws Frozen Food in Minutes! Thawing Meat 3x Faster with No Electricity, No Chemicals, No Microwave – 100% Natural – Non Slip Non Stick & Dishwasher Safe

The Andrew James Quick Thaw Defrost Tray uses the superior conductivity of aluminium to warm up frozen foods more quickly at room temperature meaning food placed on the Defrost Tray will defrost in a fraction of the time – around 3 times faster than usual. Most frozen foods take just 30-60 minutes to defrost and depending on the food and its thickness, some food takes as little as only 20 minutes to defrost.

Defrost times will vary depending on the exact food you are defrosting, but here are some approximate examples to give you an idea of how it can be used to defrost a variety of different foods:

Frozen pastry – 20 minutes

Bacon slices – 25 minutes

Sausages – 30 minutes

Pork or lamb chops – 60 minutes

Large chicken breasts – 80 minutes

Because no energy is required, using the tray is environmentally friendly, and it’s also a safer option when it comes to defrosting raw meat, as the meat doesn’t need to be left out on the countertop all day, which can help bacteria to grow.

Size: 29.5cm x 20.8cm