Fortnite game addiction cited as cause for divorce

Fortnite is an exciting game, but players should be careful not to neglect their real-life relationships. 
Epic Games
Passionate Fortnite[1] fans love t…

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit review: An astoundingly creative toy with little replayability

Following on from the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit and Robot Kit, originally released for the Nintendo Switch back in April, the Nintendo Vehicle Kit comes as somewhat of a surprise.
Although Nintendo’s[1] incredibly unique series really does turn the con…

Samsung's New Mesh Routers Can Optimize Your Home's Wi-Fi

Samsung wants to upgrade your home’s Wi-Fi coverage. On Monday, the company launched a new Wi-Fi mesh networking[1] product that promises to blanket your house with fast broadband connectivity.
The new routers are part of Samsung’s SmartThings line and…