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This complete bingo set comes with everything you need for hours of Bingo fun!

The set includes 75 numbered balls, 18 reusable Bingo cards with transparent tokens and Bingo cage with automatic random ball selector.

With all this and a plastic tray to keep track of numbers called, you’re ready to hold your own Bingo tournament at home or at the office!

  • Bingo cage with automatic random ball selector
  • Tray for tracking called numbers
  • 75 numbered BINGO balls
  • 18 reusable BINGO cards – upto 18 players
  • 150 transparent colored tokens

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Klarstein Hotcano Hot Water Dispenser • 4 Litres • Water Filter • Healthy • Temperature of 55-100 ° C • Easy Handling • Touch Surface • Removable Drip Tray • 19 x 34 x 28cm • Stainless Steel • Silver – Limited Offer

Hot water dispenser with 4 litres capacity for fast and stress-free heating of water.

Simple, self-explanatory operation via touch panel with selectable temperature from55 ° C – 100 ° C.

High quality stainless steel case with removable drip tray and large water levelindicator.

The Klarstein Hotcano hot water dispenser provides hot water whenever it is needed.For the heating of smaller quantities, there is no need to use a large kettle. Thereare many possibilities that the device offers: quickly brewing tea at the desiredtemperature or preparing instant food with the exact amount of water needed are justtwo of the many options. The hot water tank of the Hotcano hot water dispenser holdsup to 4 litres of water, making it also suitable for the office in addition to aprivate household.

Available colours: silver

Top Features:

Easy handling: self-explanatory operation• Large filling capacity: tank with 4 litres volume• Healthy: filtered water• High quality: case made of brushed stainless steel• Temperature selection: 55, 65, 75, 85, 95 or 100 ° C


• Easy handling• Touch surface• Temperature of 55-100 ° C• Stainless steel case• Removable drip tray• Includes water filter• Power supply: 220-240 V ~ 50-60 Hz


• 1 x hot water dispenser• 1 x drip tray• English language manual (other languages: German)


• 19 x 34 x 28 cm (W x H x D)• Cable length: about 90 cm• Weight: about 3.2 kg

  • EASY HANDLING: self-explanatory operation. Large filling capacity with a tank with 4 litres volume Healthy filtered water
  • HIGH QUALITY: case made of brushed stainless steel. Temperature selection between 55, 65, 75, 85, 95 or 100 ° C
  • COMFORTABLE: Easy handling. Touch surface. Temperature of 55-100 ° C
  • PRACTICAL: The Klarstein Hotcano hot water dispenser provides hot water whenever it is needed. For the heating of smaller quantities, there is no need to use a large kettle. There are many possibilities that the device offers: quickly brewing tea at the desired temperature or preparing instant food with the exact amount of water needed are just two of the many options.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: on the upper side, there is a touch surface with one button for water volume and temperature, one for starting the functions and a button lock. All you need to do is set the desired filling quantity and temperature and press the function key – this way you can quickly get cleanly filtered hot water. Operation is simple and quickly becomes a pleasant routine.

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*Clearance Sale* Telego Cooling Fan (Blue): A Waterproof Small Rechargeable Portable Fan Battery Operated, Powerful Wind Output, Aroma Dispenser Feature – Mega Price

Telego Fan is designed for creating powerful air flow. It’s small in size, but with a powerful motor and a turning speed of 10,000 rpm it creates a big breeze! It’s perfect for personal cooling or indoor ventilation. Thanks to its waterproof IP65 design, it can also be used outdoors such as biking or camping. As a Telego product line, Telego Fan comes with a long, adjustable tail that can allow you to fix it onto literally anything, or shape it to stand stable on any surface. One single charge to its rechargeable battery gives you more than two hours of continuous use. If you need Telego Fan to work longer, then simply plug its Micro-USB cable into any standard USB power source. What’s more, Telego Fan can turn into your portable aroma dispenser! It has a specially designed compartment, so all you need to is to take any material that can absorb essence or perfume (e.g. cotton, cotton wool) and put it into the compartment located behind the fan blade. Air that goes through the fan will then take your chosen fragrance with it into the room.

Specification: . Flabellum: TPE material, Safe Flabellum . Motor Speed: 10000 RPM . Motor input Voltage 5V 50mA . Recharge Voltage: DC 5V 500mA with over current protection (OCP) . Battery: Li-Polymer battery 600mah . Working Time: 120 mins and up . Size: 42mm L, 50mm D, 250mm H . Accessory cable: USB to Micro USB cable

To use as aroma dispatcher, please open the cap with small holes behind the flabellum. Add the aroma essence you would like to have with appropriate amount that can be fully absorbed with preinstalled material inside the compartment, then close the cap properly. Install the flabellum and it is ready to be used.

  • Versatile: Waterproof IP65 feature makes Telego perfect for outdoor uses. You can use it as a personal portable cooling fan for games (football, basketball, baseball), camping (tent fan), beach trips, gym work-out, travel, picnic, car, baby strollers (prams), bikes (bicycles), hiking, camping (camping cooler), sports or parade. For sure it can also be a handheld fan, office fan (on the desk, mounted on the monitor or sit aside), and kitchen fan (installed on cabinet handle or bar) at home.
  • Portable: Perfect for watching outdoor sports games and cooling yourself off. One of the unique features that set Telego small fans different other products is its long adjustable tail, design for easily fixing onto any objects, or stand it on a surface. The most innovative portable fans handheld small size available. Its size is only 4 x 4cm (without the tail). The size and the tail design together allow Telego become the best portable rechargeable fan!
  • Powerful: 10,000rpm super powerful wind output yet very quiet. Despite Telego is a small battery operated fan, it can bring you quite a breeze whenever and wherever you need an air to cool yourself down or sooth your mood.
  • Delightful: Telego has a specially designed compartment to let you turn Telego Fan into a personal aroma fan by adding some essence oil or perfume into the compartment and create a cheerful and enjoyable living or working environment for you and people around you.
  • Rechargeable fan: More than 2 hours of continuous breeze-making on a single charge, Telego is a Li-Polymer small battery fan that can be easily recharged with Micro USB cable. It also supports working while charging so hook it up to an USB power source, the fan will continuously bring you delightful wind without stopping.

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