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eBay’s Android app has a new AR feature to help you pick the correct box size for shipping

eBay has updated its Android app to include a new augmented reality feature that helps you figure out what box size you’ll need to use to ship your stuff, via Android Police.

The AR feature is pretty simple: point your phone at whatever it is you’re trying to ship, and it’ll superimpose an augmented reality box over it so you can figure out if it’ll fit. It’s got a bunch of standard box sizes built in. The idea is that you’ll know that you need to get, say, a medium USPS flat rate box from the post office instead of overshooting and having to go back for a bunch of bubble wrap (to pick a purely hypothetical example).

eBay says that the feature will only work on a few devices, although it hasn’t given a list (Android Police speculates that it’s probably limited to ARCore-compatible phones, though).

You can try it out for yourself by updating the eBay app today.

Airbnb adds new search filters for people with disabilities

Airbnb has added new filters to its platform to help people with disabilities more easily find accommodations.

The total of 21 new filters let people specify searches for step-free entry to rooms, wide entryways to fit a wheelchair through, elevators, showers that can accommodate wheelchairs, ramps, and more.

Previously, Airbnb users could only filter for wheelchair accessible listings, but not for any specific disability-friendly features inside a home. Airbnb writes today in a blog post that the previously available filters “did not always meet travelers’ individual needs.”

Airbnb will be monitoring to make sure the new filtered results will be useful and accurate, and the company may expand the filters to be even more specific down the line.

There have been many reports about Airbnb hosts discriminating and turning away guests on the basis of race, gender, age, or disability. As a study from Rutgers researchers found last June, when potential guests asked a host if they could accommodate someone with a disability, the host was more likely to reject them.

The new filters should, in theory, help users figure out some of the answers to accommodation questions, without having to go around asking each host on their own.

Lidl’s £139 petrol lawn mower back on sale

Looking for a cheap petrol lawn mower? Lidl’s Florabest FBM450B2, which costs just GBP139, certainly has a tempting price; but will it be a pleasure to use or will it struggle to cut a damp and overlong spring lawn? Many gardeners pull their mower out of the shed at this time of year and realise that they need to buy a new one.

So should Lidl’s mower, available from 4 March 2018, be on your shopping list? Our lawn-mower expert tried it out when it was on sale in March 2017, finding aspects of the mower that she both liked and disliked: ‘The grass box is easy to fit, empty and put back on and the engine starts well, and consistently.’

But how well did it cut? read the rest of our Lidl lawn mower first look[1] to see whether it was up to the job of cutting a spring lawn.

Are Lidl and Aldi any good for gardeners?

As Lidl products are quick to sell out, we don’t send them off for full lab testing and they don’t appear in our reliability surveys. The fleeting nature of these products can make it hard to know what to expect before you get them home. To get an overview of the situation, we’ve had a good look at Aldi and Lidl’s tools and plants, and compared them with similar products from a range of retailers.

Our results were pretty mixed, so it is worth reading the full report on cheap Aldi and Lidl garden products[2].

Lawn mowers you can trust?

Frequent problems with your mower can be really frustrating, and replacing it after just a short time can prove very expensive. We’ve found that some brands are a lot less reliable than others. Save your money and patience in the future by having a look at our best lawn mower brands guide[3] – this combines our testing and customer survey information for a really informative guide.

You may find that you simply have the wrong mower for the job. A traditional cylinder mower will not be your route to success on a bumpy family lawn. And while a hover mower will give you good service on lumpy or sloping ground, it won’t give you stripy perfection on fine turf.

A good rotary mower can be a jack of all trades but it can also take up a lot of room in the shed and be difficult to manoeuvre in a small garden.

Take a look at our buying guide[4] to get some tips on how to find the right mower for you and your garden.


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