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2 Pairs Ladies Gardening Gloves (Medium, Rose Garden Floral) – Lightweight and Durable Work Gloves for Women – Perfect For Garden and Household Tasks – Best Gardening Gift for Women. Buy on Sale NOW – Mega Value

LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE MULTI-TASK GARDENING AND HOUSEHOLD GLOVES – TWO PAIRS PER PACK – ROSE GARDEN FLORAL – MEDIUM. Designed in a stylish, flowered fabric with the option of two attractive designs – Rose Garden Floral or Candy Pink Floral. The clear nitrile coating on the palms provides extra grip (great for opening jars!), leverage and protection. The flexible fabric with the elasticated cuffs allow for a comfortable fit for most female hands.These multi-task gloves are perfect for tasks around both the garden and home. These gloves also make an ideal ladies gift.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE – flexible fabric in two attractive designs (Rose Garden Floral or Candy Pink Floral) with elasticated cuffs for a comfortable fit.
  • EXCELLENT FOR GARDENING & HOUSEHOLD TASKS including seeding and weeding also perfect for general tasks around the home, from polishing the silver, grooming pets and cleaning the house.
  • WATER RESISTANT PALMS coated in a clear nitrile coating for durability, protection and added gripping power (great for opening jars !!).
  • PROTECTS YOUR SKIN AND NAILS as you go about your garden or household tasks.
  • RISK FREE – we offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Simply return the product for a full refund!

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Crystals Portable Foldable 4 Chair Table Set for Kitchen Dining Outdoor Garden Picnic & Camping – Top Reduction

High quality kitchen dining, outdoor, fold-able, portable, picnic, camping and garden table and 4 stools set. This product is great for such a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Such as camping, picnics, BBQ’s, car boot sales, buffets, play groups, parties and so many more. This product will provide you with enough space to sit and eat around. The table’s surface is nice and smooth which can be helpful when cleaning the table. To clean the table simply use a soft bristle brush and some mild soap. This product has great portability as it’s lightweight to make carrying it easier, it folds down (with space for the stools inside) for easy storage and transport and it is both quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. This beautiful and durable product is great for use both outdoors and indoors usage.

  • High quality kitchen dining, outdoor, fold-able, portable, picnic, camping and garden table and 4 stools set
  • Lightweight, durable, easy and Simple to both assemble and disassemble for easy storage
  • Easy to clean, just use a soft bristle brush and some mild soap
  • Ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, hiking, BBQ’s, car boot sales, buffets, play groups and much more
  • Table Dimension/Size: 120x60x70cm (Approx) Max Load: 100kg (Approx) Weight: 6kg (Approx) Includes 4 stools

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For sale are 2 – 11×4.00-4 4ply turf grass lawn mower tyres & tubes – Reduced

For sale are 2 new tyres and tubes. 11×4.00-4 4ply Wanda P332 grass tyres. These are versatile grass tyres with rounded shoulders so they don’t cause damage when cornering. 11×4.00-4 (4.10×3.50-4) inner tubes, TR87 bent metal valve. These are tubeless tyres & are not for highway service.They are hard wearing 4ply tyres with a thread depth of 3mm. Overall diameter: 273mm. Max section width: 105mm. Max load: 330lbs (150kg) at 46psi. Suitable for use off road, on lawnmowers, ride on mowers, garden tractors, buggys and carts.

  • Two – high quality, heavy duty lawnmower tyres and tubes, Size 11×4.00-4
  • Excellent value and quality Ride on mower Turf tires, 4ply, tubeless tire, 3mm thread depth, tyres
  • Wanda P332, Off road tyres, Excellent Grip and Traction on A Variety of Surfaces, 11×4.00-4 (4.10×3.50-4) inner tubes, TR87 bent metal valve
  • Suitable for ride on lawn mower, garden tractor, digger, mower, golf buggy, cart, Quads, quad trailer, ATV, gators
  • Rounded shoulders so no damage caused to the turf when cornering, Overall diameter 273mm, Max width: 105mm, Max load: 330lbs (150kg) at 46psi

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