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Review – Augvape intake RTA

Hi….. this product was sent to me for review by @Augvape[1] for the purpose of this review(thank you steven) the fact it was free will not colour my ramblings in any way

The Intake RTA is a single coil top airflow RTA which is new(ish) to the market.and has been designed in partnership with youtube reviewer Mike vapes who seems a canny lad. Now as vapers we all have our own personal ‘holy grails’ and I guess a single coil top airflow RTA would be one of mine but they are a bit hens teeth-ish, off the top of my head there is the engine nano but I was so disappointed with the engine I wasn’t going to be investing in its diminutive sibling. Also I’ve been a fan of Augvape since the Boreas V1(flawed but I liked it when it wasn’t issuing a deluge of juice everywhere) and the V2 is my all day tank so you can imagine I was kinda pleased to receive this, so without any further ado off we bob

RTA is packaged in the standard augvape tube and comes with a bubble and straight glass, a couple of drip tips and some spares OK, so overlooking the essential ‘blueness’ I have to say I really don’t like bubble glasses. I find them all a bit Daphne and Celeste (ask your parents kids) I think that coupled with the facets on the top cap its all a bit too much for this vaper.

So back in the tube goes the bubble glass(in a use in a last resort sort of way) and on goes the straight glass which is much more aesthetically pleasing to my eye.It has a quick release topcap(half a turn) same as the zeus dual I reviewed recently and I have to say it’s a genius thing and can see it becoming the industry standard. It really is an easy system particularly when driving(don’t try this at home (well in the car actually) kids) So moving onto the business end …. the build deckSo on first view it looks kinda over engineered but it really isn’t, the tubes are there to transmit the airflow to beneath the coils, other than that it’s pretty much the same as the Serpent SMM in terms of intalling the coils ie very easy

So I mooched around and found a decent coil to put in a 316L 26awg x 3 + 38awg clapton, 6 wraps @ 3mm ID ohming out at 0.28. Mounting the coil couldn’t be easier and I kept it close to the air supply Wicking is kinda obvious, just block the holes and have a bare minimum showing through them….. so I juiced it up and began to vape …………

Airflow is very quiet and restricted(which suits this ape), think Mage V1 kinda restriction. The top of the tank stays cool enough which is handy given the low profile drip tip. Running it a 48w(dontcha just love extended battery life) the flavour is good( seems to bring the cream more to the fore in my standard custard juice) and the clouds also given this ain’t no cloud chucker nor was it intended to be

Size wise well……… as you can see its bigger than petit pois, silverskin onions and cornichons and smaller than bottles of vodka so to simplify it’s bigger than food but smaller than drink so in universal terms kinda medium As for looks as I mentioned before, it looks so much better without the ridiculous bubble glass(maybe its an age thing) so to show it off to its best I dug out my only blue mod so it would be all matchy-matchy

I don’t know about you but I think it looks pretty good…………………….. So in conclusion, if you are looking for this particular holy grail for twenty odd quid it is I reckon worth a shot, just don’t use the bubble glass if your teenage years are behind you.

Once again my thanks to @Augvape[2] and Steven for the chance to review, they have a website but my antivirus doesn’t like it so check out the usual places……. found the ali express page…l?spm=2114.12010608.nav-list.4.24a766a5cyr9b5[3] Ooh one other thing I like, you can see the wicking channels through the staright glass

Thanks for reading…….. if you made it this far


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