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Grain Free Cat Treats for Healthy Cats – 80% Fresh Poultry 20% Potatoes & Gravy (1 Large Pack 500g) – Bargain Discount

Healthy & Delicious Training Treats – No more junk filled treats!

The problem with other cat treats is unhealthy grains and sugars used to cheaply bulk them out. Our treats solve that problem! Why?

BREAKTHROUGH! Made in the UK from ONLY fresh poultry (80%) and potatoes & chicken gravy (20%) – That’s it! Nothing else! No additives, no preservatives, no flavourings, no sugars and no grain (or gluten)! This means you can rest easy knowing you’re providing the best treats you can buy for your cat. Never let your cat suffer from junk-filled treats again!

FAST RESULTS! Because we use quality fresh poultry including chicken, duck and turkey in our treats they are the tastiest and healthiest treats around.

You risk absolutely nothing. Our premium grain free treats are backed by a 100% unconditional guarantee – if your cat doesn’t like them we’ll refund with no hassle.

There is limited supply of this best selling product. Get yours today from Amazon!

Povkeever 14 PCS Wooden Musical Instruments Set Percussion Toy Rhythm Band Set, Healthy Baby Toy Gift, with A Bag

A set of 9 kinds 14pcs musical instruments, most in a natural wood colour. These toys can promote fun play and develope imagination skills, creative skills and physical skills.Designed for children ages 6 months and up, each piece of the musical instrument set is smooth, durable, fun to use and has few small parts.The instruments are great gifts and are also ideal for a party.All the pictures are taken by ourselves and they are all same with the actual items.

Specifications:100% new and high qualityMaterial: Plastic andamp; Wood andamp; MetalPackage Size: 11.8*9.8*2.8 inchPackage Weight: approx. 1000g

Package Contains1 x tambourine (15cm*15cm)2 x Rhythm Sticks (20cm*2cm)1 x wooden shaking bell (L: 20cm)1 x wooden fish (L: 15.5cm)1 x wood fish stick (L: 15.5cm)1x handle Castanet (L: 20cm)2 x handle bell (L: 14cm, Dia: 4.3cm)2 x rope bell (Dia: 4.5cm)2 x Nylon Wrist Bell (L:22cm)1 x Triangle with Beater (Side Length: 10cm)

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