Tesla is making its own AI chips

Elon Musk confirmed during Tesla’s most recent earnings call that the company is making its own computer chips for automated driving (Tesla currently relies on hardware from Nvidia). “We’ve been in semi-stealth mode on this basically for the last 2-3 …

Review: Razer Huntsman Elite

IntroductionMechanical gaming keyboards have soared in popularity, and with a vast number of players looking to secure their slice of this lucrative pie, manufacturers are having to think outside the box in order to stand out from the burgeoning crowd….

Intel's 10nm Chips to Arrive During 2019 Holiday Season

Intel has previously said its 10nm chips will arrive in 2019. But on Thursday, the company got more specific: the upcoming processors will land on store shelves at the end of 2019, during the holiday season.
The first 10nm chips to launch will be for c…